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Mar 2012
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Originally Posted by LeverTime
You may want to age a few bottles from each batch, it's worth it.
I have read most of it and I've been wondering how it improves long term so thanks of the input I have some fermenting. I'll stash a case somewhere for..dare I say a year?

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Nov 2011
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I second that! I've got a case that's a year old, and its awesome! I think I will age all my Graf henceforth.

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Mar 2012
, New Jersey
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Alright. Graf is in the keg. Smelled awesome. Crisp and sweet up front with a nice malty body. Little hot on the back end right now, but hopefully that will settle in a week or two.

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Apr 2008
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I brewed my umpteenth batch of this the other day using Amarillo hops, 8 oz of lactose to backsweeten, and a starter of Belgian Abbey yeast to try and throw some estery/fruity flavors into the mix. Everyone always loves this stuff no matter what I make it with lol. I basically have a dedicated keg to this in the kegorator.

I've found that s05/notty tends to get too dry/tart for my tastes on this, S04 has been used for the last several batches with (IMO) better results. We will see if the honey side of the amarillo comes through this time. I usually use Chinook for a good spicey/earthy side. Will be different for sure with the belgian abbey yeast!


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Originally Posted by Shooter View Post
Hooray for Graff, my next cider!
Mine too. Tomorrow!

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My first batch of this has been in the bottles a couple weeks now,even this young in the bottle it is very good.I will have to make this again.

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Third batch of this beast with about 8 months on it.

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Nov 2012
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Just tapped my first keg and first batch of Graff today. Overall it is very good. I sampled it before pitching, at the two day mark, the week mark, two week mark and then again today-24 days since brew day. It has really come a long ways. Very smooth and easy to drink. I would have to check on the gravity readings, but I do not taste any alcohol bit from it.

Few thoughts on the next batch--

-I will probably go with atleast 2 oz of torrified wheat. One because I have a lot of it, and two I find myself pouring a glass and hitting the top with the creamer on the perlick to get a little more
-Pilsner DME instead of Light-I use the pilsners in my lemonades, and have really come to like them
-Adding some Honey Malt in with the steeping grains. Havent decided how much yet-probably .5lbs (ish) I think a little honey flavor on the back end would be awesome with this cider.

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Feb 2008
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I just pitched some English ale yeast on a batch with the following changes:

_hole foods had pasteurized Non-filtered AJ in Glass gallon jugs (going to re-purpose those) buy 4 and you get a 10% discount case price. ($32 total)
added a rounded 1/2 ts. Pectic enzyme to each jug.

Added 4 oz. Honey malt to the 1 oz. Torrified Wheat, 8 oz. C-60
adjusted ph of steep/sparge water w 1 ts. Acid blend.

used 1 lb. 14 oz. Amber DME I had on hand.

14 g. 7.5% Mt. Rainier hops

S.G. 1.060/60 overshot the chill!

in 6 G pail TBD where it goes from there, though I intend to save the bulk for Autumn 2013

TY to the OP Brandon for the base recipe!

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Dec 2012
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Just pitched my first batch, cascade hops and 2 oz of torrified wheat. took my OG reading and drank the sample and it already tasted amazing, I cant wait to drink this! I should start making the next batch in about two weeks.

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