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Can't wait to get this into a keg. I used flaked barley instead of torrified wheat and the hydro sample tasted great at two weeks

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Just made a batch of this and the wort (or whatever its called) tastes absolutely amazing. I used 2oz of malted white wheat since the store didn't have torrified wheat. I ended up using .25oz of Styrian Goldings since I wasn't looking for any noticeable hop flavor. Threw in 1/4tsp of Wyeast Yeast Nutrient too. Didn't do juice and instead used 4 gallons of Musselman's Apple Cider (only 5 bucks per gallon at Walmart).

Can't wait for this one! Thanks Brandon O!!

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Originally Posted by capnjb View Post
Can't wait to get this into a keg. I used flaked barley instead of torrified wheat and the hydro sample tasted great at two weeks

would love to hear how this turns out as I have some extra flaked barley and was thinking of substituting that for the torrified wheat as well.

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I just kegged/bottled my batch that I started on October 6th.
Followed the OP's recipe to the T, using Musselman,s. A sample going into the keg tasted pretty good! A bit dry. I'll sample the keg in a week. The bottles will age for some months for comparison.
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So I made a batch in a 5gal Poland springs bottle as a primary, it was still bubbling once every 15sec at the one week mark but I racked it into a glass Carboy so as not to leach from the plastic. No bubbling returned. Us this normal? I then bottled it at the 2week point priming with 1/2 tablespoon sugar per 12oz bottle. No carb at all 1week later. Did I kill my yeast by racking too early?

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Probably not dead. Probably an inconsistently sugared bottle. Try another one in a few days.

Did you take any gravity readings?

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First Graff today

10 gal batch

2.5 gal Apple Juice
8 lbs Crisp Pale malt
.75 lb C60
.25 lb C40
1 lb White Wheat

Splitting this with a friend. Wort was 1048 after sparge. His 2 gallons of wort will be boiled with 1 oz citra @45min. My 5 gallons I'm splitting. 2.5 gallons with Sorachi Ace for 45 min. The other with UK Fuggles for 60 min. Boiling wort now with Sorachi Ace smells amazing can't wait for this to be done!!
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So after about a week in the keg, the graff is nice and carbed, but it sure is tart. The only difference I made in the recipe was I used 1lb amber and 1lb dark dme. I used 100% natural pasteurized cider and US-05. I know it's still way too early, but if it stays tart, what could I do to sweeten it a bit? This is my first cider, so I don't know much about it. I was thinking maybe adding some frozen apple juice concentrate?? It does have a nice body and slight maltiness which I like.

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In the 2 months it has taken me to get through this thread I have tried a bunch of variations on this recipe in little 1 gal batches to see what I liked the best, all of which have come out pretty good.

My favorite so far is a batch where I doubled up the c120 and used a dark DME with about 3 peaches cut up and thrown in the fermentation vessel. For the juice I used apple juice concentrate and cranberry concentrate (which is strange because I really can't taste the cranberry at all) Used cascade hops and Notty yeast. Tried the same recipe with 1 lb frozen strawberry and that one is still pretty tart after being bottled for about 2 weeks, if its anything like the other ciders I have done with strawberry it will mellow out and be pretty spectacular with some more age. Both of these I let ferment out completely then used concentrated apple juice to provide the carb. I think I used about 1/3 cup per gallon.

I also tried a pumpkin version with 1 can pumpkin and about 1/2 a small container of pumpkin pie spice in 1 gallon. Added 1 cup brown sugar and used Amber DME with half whole foods cider and half concentrate. Really liked this until I put some cheap vanilla extract in there which gave it a bit of a funky flavor (still drinkable just not as good) I might forgo the pumpkin in the recipe as it took up a lot of space in the carboy and I don't think it added a whole lot of flavor. With the pumpkin I did two gallons and compared S04 to Notty. Couldn't tell a whole lot of a difference in flavor however the S04 seemed to ferment faster, and when racked slowed fermentation quite a bit more then the Nottty. When I bottled them (stopped around 1.02-1.01) I had to bottle pasteurize the Notty in about 2 days, the S04 took about a week to carb up appropriately.

My latest experiment is using the second runnings of some Heffe grains with about 3 cans of AJ concentrate in a gallon and weistephaner yeast with Haulatrau hops. Samples taste more like beer then graff so this will be interesting. I am thinking it will be more like a Heffe with a bit of apple in it then graff.

All in all this seems to be a pretty forgiving concept as everything I have thrown at it has turned out pretty good. As I said the peach seems to be a GREAT pairing to this and when I scale up to a 5 gal (in the next few weeks, want to see how I like the weistephaner yeast finished) that will definitely be in the mix as well as a good mix of dark specialty grains.

To the post above-give it some time, the tartness will subside. I have sweetened with apple juice concentrate, honey, brown sugar etc. I have heard of people using unfermentable sugars (lactose, splenda etc) or just putting some unfermented cider in there but age does wonders mellowing this out.

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Apr 2012
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So if I do sweeten it with apple juice concentrate, wouldn't I have to worry about it re fermenting? I have my graff in the keg at 40F. Would it be cold enough to stop it from fermenting further?

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