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Jan 2012
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tasted my first bottle after 17 days in the bottle. it was decent but a little tart n dry. giving it another 2-3 weeks then popping another.

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Oct 2012
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So I dont know if this will work but I played around with the recipe a bit and came up with this. The way the original recipe looked seemed right to me and when I fermented it it tasted wrong. Nothing like way it seemed in my head from the book. So I thought "hell I have some extra money lying around and a a lot of empty carboys lets get mad scientist on this sucker". So thats what I did. This is my recipe let me know what you think.

(I want you to keep an open mind this is a fictional drink. There are no rules when creating something such as this)

  • 1.5 pounds, Dark LME
  • .25 pounds Light DME
  • 4 oz Briess Caramel 20L
  • 4 oz Gambrinus Honey Malt
  • 8 oz Crystal Malt 20L
  • 2 oz Cascade full leaf Hops
  • .5 oz Cascade pellet hops
  • 3 gallons of Sweet Apple Cider
  • 2 pounds of Amber Honey
  • 1 White Labs WLP550 Belgian Ale Yeast
  • 1 White Labs WLP720 Sweet Mead

5 gallon batch

Ok you are going to need 3 Carboys/fermenter/bucket/whatever ya got.

Sanitize everything!

In the First Carboy pour the 3 gallons of sweet apple cider into it. Mix the 2 pounds of honey with about 2 cups of boiled water till thin enough to dump into the carboy. Pitch the White Labs WLP720 Sweet Mead into the carboy and then throw the 2 oz Cascade full leaf Hops into the carboy. Give it a good stir and shake. Airlock it and ferment for 3 weeks.

After three weeks grab another Carboy. Sanitize!!!!!

In a brew kettle heat up 3 gallons of water to 160f. Steep the grains in this water for 45 min. Make sure to keep the temp between 150f and 160f. After the steeping process do what you will with the muslin bag (I just pitch mine in the garbage). Heat this water to a boil and pour in the LME and the DME. Throw the hops in after boil is reached. Boil this for 30 min. Chill then dump into second carboy. When optimal temp is reached for the White Labs WLP550 Belgian Ale Yeast pitch that into the carboy. Let ferment for 7 days (sat mine right next to the one we made 3 weeks before because they are going to be friends).

After 7 days grab a bottling bucket (trust me it helps). Sanitize!!!!!!!!!!

Syphon the beer wort about 2 gallons (thats the second batch with all the grains and stuff) into this bucket. Leave a good amount in the bottom, you dont want any of that gunk. Now here comes the fun part and a part where you will need a friend to help you. Get a clean strainer (Sanitize!!!!). Syphon the first carboy of cider though a strainer into this bucket on top of the 2 gallons of fermented beer. Now at this point its up to you. You can leave this mixture in the bottling bucket for the next 2 weeks or do what I do cuz im crazy. I get a small filter that attaches to the end of the hose that attaches to the bottling spiggot. Hook all that up and then drain the new mixture filtered into a new carboy then leave for 2 weeks.

I have a few more days till 2 weeks is up but im sure it will be delicious. I tasted it and its friggin amazing. A little sweet with a hint of citrus from the cascade.

Im curious what its going to taste like bottled. Ill pig a few in mini kegs or a few tap - a - draft bottles so I can play with the C02/ nitrogen to get a creamy head without too much carbonation.

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Apr 2012
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I tossed this together over the weekend from stuff I basically had lying around as leftovers. All I had to buy was the grain and the juice. I followed the original instructions and went lazy, allowing the juice to cool the wort.

1lb Briess Golden Light Dry Extract
1lb Briess Sparkling Amber Dry Extract
8oz Crisp Crystal Malt 60L
2oz Briess Torrified Wheat
0.5oz Cluster @ 6.4%AA
4gal fresh pressed, unfiltered, UV pasteurized apple cider
1pk Wyeast 1056

I also tossed in about 1/2oz of pectic enzyme because there was a lot of apple solids in the cider, and I'd prefer that this clear up nice and pretty. I think I was literally 4hrs from press to yeast I opted to go with 2oz of the torrified wheat because I'm getting tired of my beers having no head retention. I used Cluster as I had exactly 1/2oz left over from a stout I did a couple months back. I'm hoping I'll get a little bit of "spicy" from the Cluster to go with the apple. This is slowly bubbling away at about 60F in my closet so I'm hoping this one will stay nice and clean. Lag time was less than 12hrs and I fitted a blow off tube just in case. I'm REALLY looking forward to this one!

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I put a batch together this weekend. I used the recipe from the OP. I did use cider, not juice.
I used .5-oz of 5.8% Cascade and Safale 05.
This is day 2 in a 6.5-gal fermenter.

Click image for larger version

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Looks cloudy. Is it too late to add pectic enzyme.
Should it clear on it's own? I'm thinking, like other brews, it will clear in time?
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Reason: added details

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Old 10-08-2012, 04:27 PM   #1795
May 2012
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Originally Posted by Clifton View Post
Ffarg finishes at about 1.010 without back sweetening, pasteurizing, etc.

BTW, my batches of Graff finished at 1.000 and 1.004. It was too dry and tart for me. That is why I came up with Ffarg.

I'll try your Ffarg recipe after I get done with my pumpkin ale around turkey day.
This stuff, while enjoyable, is too dry and a little bland for my liking.
I'm not really getting any apple or tartness out of it at all.

I ended up dumping the batch I was bulk aging due to infection.
Lesson learned, don't put 5 gallons in a 6 gallon secondary. I had a friend helping me that day and neglected to notice that he had sanitized and handed me the wrong carboy...

What suck is that I had a few pounds of marbles I could have sanitized and tossed in there had I seen the mishap that day...

When I next do an apple brew, (your Ffarg), I'm going to up the apple flavor until it's almost kicking me in the mouth, lol.
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Old 10-10-2012, 04:43 AM   #1796
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Feb 2012
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How do you think Honey Malt would work in addition to, or in place of the Crystal 60L in the original recipe ?

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Old 10-10-2012, 05:20 PM   #1797
Jun 2007
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Someone here has done it. It is supposed to add a little more sweetness. Maybe they will chime in.

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Old 10-11-2012, 03:52 AM   #1798
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Feb 2012
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Jumped on the graff bandwagon... brewed up Brandon O's and the Gunsligner receipes today.

Waiting to see if I stay on the bandwagon after they're ready for tasting

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Old 10-11-2012, 08:35 PM   #1799
Jul 2012
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I just bottled up my batch of graff. I pressed the 4 gallons of cider and followed the recipe w/o the torrified wheat (LBHS didn't have it). My OG was 1.062 and after 18 days in the primary the FG is 1.018 which was higher than I expected. It should be plenty sweet.

I did put the bottles in coolers in case of bottle bombs.

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Old 10-12-2012, 04:08 AM   #1800
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Feb 2012
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Both of mine started at 1.072

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