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Originally Posted by cory41287 View Post
I just brewed a batch of this stuff.

2lbs DME (1 light 1 amber)
1oz flaked wheat
1/2 lb. crystal 60L
eyeballed 1oz of mt hood hops
4 gallons tree top apple juice

i didn't take a hydrometer reading, figured i'd just let it do its thing.

smelled great going into the carboy. cant wait to give it a taste. one of my concerns is dose this stuff get to stinking like apfelwein dose? its in my bedroom so i really hope not. altho it is a very small price to pay.
1 oz of hops? Might be too bitter for this recipe.

I don't think this has a smelly fermentation like apfelwein because of the natural nutrients in malt that keep the yeast happier.
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Has anyone made this with a bigger mini-mash (to keep from using DME)

Silly me for only reading the first few pages............................

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Mar 2009
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Originally Posted by conpewter View Post
1 oz of hops? Might be too bitter for this recipe.

I don't think this has a smelly fermentation like apfelwein because of the natural nutrients in malt that keep the yeast happier.
my bad, ment 1/2oz. and the graff has taken off and no nasty rhino fart smell. so thats a plus.

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Jun 2009
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Tasty stuff... A nice mix between beer and cider, probably due to the little bit of hops.

I used the 1oz of torrified, will probably up it to 2 oz next batch - I lose my head pretty quickly with just the 1oz.

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Nov 2008
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I just put my carboy in the fridge to crash cool. I'm adding gelatin later today after the graff cools down. I plan on force carbing for a BBQ Saturday night. I racked it off the oak chips last week. I took a gravity reading and we look good. Same as last week and pretty clear already. I poured a glass to sample and I'm pretty impressed. The toasted oak is very subtle but there. Maybe next time I would add 3/4 oz and re-evaluate. I'll decide in a few days when it is carbed. Overall, it is a very good beverage. The Saaz hops are barely there and it tastes like cinnamin has been added even though there were no spices and I used US-05, I think the cinnamin is from the toasted oak. I fermented at 67-68 degrees so I don't think the spicyness is from the yeast. I better start another batch as I think I'll have an empty keg late Saturday night. This is the perfect bev for a BBQ. It tastes great, finishes quick, requires minimal effort, and should appeal to most drinkers. Thanks Brandon!!!

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I have started drinking this, and it is pretty good. I had some fermentation temp control issues because my ferm chamber was occupied at the time. I think I'll try US-05 next time and hopefully keep the temp in check. I'm also going to up the crystal malt amounts to hopefully get a little more sweetness. Maybe I'll backsweeten with juice.

I'm also looking for a good source of pear juice to make a perry graff.
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Oct 2008
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Just finished a 1 gallon batch with some sorachi ace hops. I'm really looking forward to tasting it. I might have to step up production if the wife likes it. SG 1.068

what is the lowest what kind of Fg should i expect with US-05?
Do you have the recipe/technique for making the 1gal batch phish880? Or for that matter anyone else?

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Jun 2009
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Jan 2009
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This stuff tastes great! Thanks Brandon-O!

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I read this thread yesterday and I just HAD to run to my LHBS to get the ingredients. Most impromptu brew session I've ever had!

I did an all-grain adaptation. Here's what I used:

4 lbs Maris Otter
.5 lb 60L crystal
1 oz torrified wheat
.5 oz Sterling hops (6.0% AA)

I did too thick a mash and had to eventually add up to about 2 qt/lb of water. Sparged with 1.5 gallons and ended up with 1.25-1.5 gallon of 1.056 run-off. MLT is really too big for such a small mash. I boiled it in two pots and saved half of it as sterile wort for starters.

Used the nottingham yeast. Can't wait for this one.
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