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Sep 2008
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Since I've started this "hobby," I've brewed some winners. And I've kept all my recipes on my computer. Many of these recipes were derived from this site or others with certain tweaks based on my tastes or what I had available at the time.

BUT -- a few days ago I ran into a computer issue that eventually required me to start over. I lost all my files. Including my recipes. And I didn't keep hard copies of any of them (why is there no "smilie" of someone crying?)

So, basically, don't do what I did. Be smart. Print. The trees you kill are worth the beer you'll brew.

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OR backup your files to multiple locations. I keep a backup drive and a couple DVD-RW's for all my recipe and brew session files. Everytime I write a new recipe I copy the file to the archive disc.

I can't keep a piece of paper for anything.

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Jan 2008
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Or commit them to memory.
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I'm working as a pro now, but that doesn't mean I'm not still homebrewing. I'm going to see if I can homebrew at work as a way to develop new recipes.

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Yep, what GMB said---back dem bitches up. I would cry if I lost mine. So I have them on my boot drive and then backed up on my external. I also keep them printed in a binder.
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May 2008
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I keep a book as a brew journal, which keeps all info on the batches I brew, including tasting notes as they age, it's very handy.
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Mar 2009
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Like Evan said mine are put into bio memory, printed and onto 6 different jump drives, plus my laptop, the office computer, and some archaic clunker with a midget and an abacus inside as a processor. But hey, at least they are baked up.

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Old 04-30-2009, 11:32 PM   #7
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Oct 2005
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I put everything in a notebook. Much handier for trips to the LHBS, while brewing, and QA sampling.
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Mine are mostly in my memory and on one to three sites on the net. I'll never loose one again. Not that it would matter much. I know what I like and how to make it now.
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May 2008
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Also, once a month or so, I export all my recipes (in BeerSmith) into BeerXML and then email myself the file.

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Jan 2009
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Better yet you should save them in the recipe section of this site. I'll back them up on my computer from there.

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