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I am fermenting my first lager, and I want to it to be as clear as possible. I have been considering methods of filtration. I do not normally and don't plan to continue filtering my beers-this is a special project I am undertaking with a friend of peculiar tastes in mind-so I don't want to invest any money. So my question is this: What affect if any would be had by racking from the primary, through a Brita pitcher? Obviously it would be time consuming, but it's a one-time deal. Or, how about pumping through a backpacking water-purifier (e.g. katadyn hiker pro--filters to .3 microns which is probably too much, I would think). I appreciate any advice.

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The carbon in a brita will take out the flavor and not much else. I don't believe it has any sediment filtration in it.

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I'll be even more blunt about it. Horrible idea. There's the carbon thing mentioned already but also the fact that you'll likely oxidize the beer in the process. Leave the beer lagering for 1 month at 35F and it will be crystal clear. If you're bottling, you'll still have that layer of sediment in every bottle and the only thing to fix that is to keg the beer and pressure fill the bottles.
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Absolutely a bad idea to use an activated carbon filter for beer. Proper lagering will normally produce a brilliantly clear beer. I would suggest a minimum lagering period of six or sever weeks if you have the capability. I have a plate filter I use occasionally when trying to meet a deadline. I recommend filtering only when there is no other option.

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You would be better off running the beer through a coffee filter, but even then, it would be painfully slow, and your would probably oxidize the crap out of the beer.
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Ok, this is going to take a little digging, and a day or two.
I have a filter system that uses a Whole House filter ( waterpik) and some 1micron paper filters. These are use once, toss, at around $3-5. I have the source, but at home.

I had a Mild that I forgot to put Whirfloc in, and it was for a party soon. I kegged it after cold crashing in the carboy, and it was still cloudy. So I built this thing, and ran it from one keg to another.

Results were pretty good. No loss in flavor.

EDIT: Crystal Clear Supply has the filters at $6.99

Home Depot, Lowes, etc will have the Filter unit. You'll need some adapters to go from 3/4 down to a 3/8 hose barb.

I am enjoying some of this beer right now. It is perfectly clear, and quite tasty

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