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Oct 2008
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So far I've brewed 2 different IPA's, Octane IPA from Midwest and a Harpoon IPA clone from Austin Homebrew. While both beers have been good, I've been a bit disappointed that they haven't had the hop "bite" to them that I was hoping for. I live not that far away from the Harpoon Brewery in Vt. and it would be easy to get quite comfortable there on a nice afternoon with their fresh IPA. Was hoping mine would be similar but just doesn't have the little extra "umph". Wonder why.

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I am guessing you don't want more bitterness, which is hops in the boil, but you want more flavor and aroma, and this is a result of DHing.

You may want to dry hop the IPA's, or DH them more than you have been.

You just need more hops, it's understandable.
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If it's an extract batch, it's really hard to get a good IPA "bite" with a partial boil. Sometimes, in my opinion, extract recipes have too much crystal, which seems to counteract the hops.

If you post your recipes and the techniques you used (volumes, etc), maybe we can pick out something.
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Dec 2008
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Try Ferocious IPA from midwest. I liked it so much I'm going to do it again

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Oct 2008
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Yes, they were both extract recipes. We do it as a 5 gallon boil. Other than that we follow what the instructions say to do. We're considering going to all grain sometime in the not too distant future. The beers are good but just don't have that character about them that make them stand out like at the micro breweries we've visited. But we're working on that.

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Dude, if you are doing full boils then you are halfway there. Convert an old cooler into your mash tun for about the price you would pay for an extract kit (if you have the cooler) and you are set. Going AG has added a new level to my beer. It was yummy before, but now its super yummy.
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Not for nothing but Harpoon IPA doesnt have a bite, even when it's brewed by Harpoon

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Mar 2009
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I got the Hop Head Double IPA from Midwest and it just finished on Sunday, being a hop lover myself I think this one might suit you more. This recipe does call for dry hopping two oz. of leaf hops. It has a good pine smell with a nice citrus undertone and dry finish, really yummy Here's a pic from Sunday.

Here it is right before bottling.
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you may want to look into your water profile. The chloride/sulfate ratio can influence a beer to be malty (lots of chloride) or bitter/hoppy (lots of sulfate).

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Maybe you need more late hop additions. I brew an IPA that has 6oz of hops in the last 10 minutes (3oz at 10 mins, 3oz at flameout), plus an ouce for dry hopping. It has huge hop flavor and aroma.

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