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Apr 2009
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So I brewed a mr. beer pale ale for my first beer. I love the kit, but the recipe was lacking. I cracked one of the bottles early, no hops. None. It was horrible. Any way I can fix the remaining 2.5 gallons I have left? It's undrinkable. It's like fizzy alcoholic water. The weird part is when it was boiling and fermenting it smelled like beer, but I might have been over-excited and just not noticed the lack of hops.

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Jan 2009
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If you can stand the weird little bits and chunks, you can drop a hop pellet into the glass after you pour. Tastes good, but adds a weird texture.

And yeah, there's a total lack of hops in that recipe. It's just "hopped" extract. As you found out, it's not very hopped at all.
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You could just slap a Miller Lite label on tham and give 'em to your friends.
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Apr 2009
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Lol, it's worse than miller lite.

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Mar 2009
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You can add some hops from your LHBS, but I would recommend letting your beer mature a little, and use it as a baseline.

While you're at the LHBS, you can look for a recipe that you like more, and get the ingredients you can mix and hop yourself.
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+1 on letting it mature.

Just let it sit for a little longer (a couple of weeks) then try it again. It will be much better.

In the mean time, you should have another batch ready to go if not already in the fermenter.
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Apr 2008
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For my first couple beers it was pretty much the same.... I wanted an IPA and went to my LHBS and got IPA extract..... dude didn't even tell me I needed to add hops to it and I didn't know any better.... one of those you live and you learn kind of things. The only thing I can think of for you is to pour your bottles back in the fermenter and dry hop it for around 10 days, but you wouldn't get any of the bitterness you're used to with pale ales, and then there's the risk of oxidation.

For future reference I would recommend getting a tried and true recipe or ripping off one from one of the online stores Morebeer's Brew Chat • View topic - B3 Extract Recipe Collection and just getting light malt extract and steeping specialty grains/ adding hops. You'll make way better beer and it's really not much more difficult at all.

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Nov 2008
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Pick up some hops and make 'hop tea'. Use a muslin bag when you do this. Add a little to each beer when you drink it. It is not the same by any means but can help.
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Time to move on and move up. You are clearly a hop head. Mr. Beer won't cut it for you. Look into beginner kits for extract brewing or even spend the next few weeks doing good research on this site to see what lies in your future. That is not to say that Mr. Beer is no good, it's just not up to making beer for particularly discerning tastes.

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Apr 2009
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A slight twist on the previous posters, but you can indeed make good beer out of a Mr. Beer keg, you just need to think of the Mr. Beer keg as a fermenter, not as the only part of a beer-making system:

1. Find (or create) a recipe that you will like.
2. Scale it to 2.5 gallons.
3. Boil and hop accordingly.
4. Rack to secondary after day 14 in the Mr. Beer fermenter (that is, siphon into a PET#1 water bottle, easily obtained from your local grocery store)
5. Bottle from secondary, adding sugar as per the Mr. Beer instructions.
6. Wait for the bottles to carbonate, about 3-4 weeks. Refrigerate and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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