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Feb 2012
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Originally Posted by bottlebomber View Post
Nice to have a girl that's old enough to buy you beer huh?
Hah! Why do you think I'm here at HBT? She's not always around Anybody can buy grains/yeast.

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Originally Posted by Alchemy View Post
Here is she who might be obeyed!

The second one is of us being deliriously happy at Bonnaroooooooooo!!!!!
Gorgeous girl you have there. May I politely point you to the lifetime membership line...

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Originally Posted by Alchemy View Post
The wooks can sometimes knock you off your feet with their smell but we got lucky this year in the porto potty area (at least the ones by our camp site) Someone had broken one of the locks on a porto potty by our site so it looked like it was always locked even when no one was in there. It was extremely clean the entire festival. Almost like we had our own bathroom.

This year if we go i am going to rent an rv, the heat has been brutal the last 2 years. Waking up at 6 in the morning to a tent being 120 degrees after just falling asleep at 4am is no fun. Radiohead is coming back this year

Yeah, campers are a good way to go. Since there are basically two hotels within driving distance, I felt lucky to get a room (booked way way in advance). I'm more of a hotel camper anyway, and I don't sleep well in extreme heat and noise. Since the roo tea party don't stop at any hour, I figured the hotel room was the way to go. Glad I did. There is no sin more exquisite and wonderful than central air conditioning after a hot ass day at bonnaroo. Radiohead is pretty good live. I was really there to see Beck, Ben Folds, Bright Eyes and Oysterhead. I was very surprised by how good Elvis Costello was with the New Orleans jazz band and blown away when Michael Ivins of the Flaming Lips came over and sat next to me during that show in the VIP section and struck up a conversation with me. I tried not to geek out on him but after thanking him for contributing to the music that became part of the soundtrack of my life, we just hung out in the VIP sections and talked music.

I also went to Vegoose that year, and it was a much better scene. Instead of a hot assed humid cow pasture, it's UNLV's campus grounds including the stadium. Busses run back and forth to the Vegas strip 24/7 and I stayed at the MGM Grand for $30 a night. I saw Talib Quali, The Decemberists, The Shins, Widespread Panic, Primus, The Flaming Lips (Hi Mike!), Ween (obsession band), Beck, and a bunch of others I don't even remember.

The weather was so awesome. Warm and dry (no humidity) during the day, cold at night (love the desert) and the weed was better.
Paranormal Brewing
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2014: Seven Heavens Series One: Vilon, Mystic Melomel, Skeeter Pee.

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We brew almost every batch together! She's my dream woman.

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here mine is at marid gras. i'm not sure where our little one was, so i'll post a pic of him below...

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Apr 2011
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^ lol.
"where's the kids honey?"
"*hickup* shoot I dunno show me your tits and I'll give you these beads "

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My SWIMBO *awwwwwwwwwwwww* It took each of us a failed marriage then some time to find each other but we did. Soul mates.
Click image for larger version

Name:	hey gurl hey 013.jpg
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ID:	50141   Click image for larger version

Name:	d n j 1.jpg
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ID:	50142  

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forgive my mug, just celebrated 25 years in January

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Fortunately, the eye candy to the left has you covered.

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Here a few of my beauty from our recent travels... Plus, a very happy one of me right before I ate a lot of ham in Barcelona!
Click image for larger version

Name:	P1060367.jpg
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