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Originally Posted by ultravista
I need 3 pounds of Dark Candi for a Rochefort clone. How many pounds of sugar will I need to make 3 pounds of candi?
A little less than 3. Use 3 to make it and use the leftover on ice cream
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Just made a batch of 290 with a couple little twists. Started out wanting to make 3 lbs sugar but wanted to do a test with only part of it. I started with 1 lb sugar and 1/2 cup water. I used 1/2 tsp of ammonium phosphate and 1/2 tsp of White Labs Nutrient (not really knowing but thinking it had amino acids and might give me some more complex flavors. It started to color up about 170 and by 290 it looked pretty nice so I added water to cool. However, it seemed to be down to 220 before I added 3/4 cup so I just stopped at about 2/3 cup. I poured that into a hot mason jar (about 1 pt) and cooled some for color and flavor comparison. I seemed to be around the 280 color and my flavors were very mild.

Now it was time to do the rest and I thought I would go to 300. So I started heating up the 2 lbs sugar 1 cup water, 1 1/2 tsp ammonium phosphate and 1 tsp of yeast nutrient. Then as it started to melt I decided, why not throw in the previous batch and have it be double cooked. So I did just that. I was dangerously high in the pot so heating took a little more caution and therefore a little more time than expected. Because I already had some colored sugar in there I couldn't tell when the color development started but certainly by 250 it was getting significantly darker and by 290 the whole batch was somewhere between the dark amber and the mahogany, really nice color. This time I added about 1 3/4 cup water with a lot of sputtering activity but that got it down to 220. The syrup seems more liquid than the previous batch and the flavor is really nice. I would say that despite the color it is about the intensity of flavor of maple syrup. However the flavor is definitely more fig and a bakery than maple. I expected more roastiness but that isn't there. Got three pint mason jars quite full. This is going to go into a dark strong ale so it should come out a nice carmel color. Looking forward to it.

I think it is worth mentioning some things for those doing it for the first time. The transition around 230 takes a fair amount of time without temperature change and pretty vigorous boiling and foaming, presumably due to the water boiling off. Then it settles down a bit but still goes slowly up to about 260. It seems to pick up from there. It takes a surprising amount of heat (flame in my case) to get the temp up. The boiling is surprisingly controlled above about 250. You can really put up the heat without a lot of foaming. As has been said, the stuff is very hot and very sticky (read burns and keeps on burning). Also, slow addition of water until the temp drops to about 240 is a must. Just back up and pour slowly with stirring. Hope that helps someone.

Thanks loads to SnickASaurusRex and others who have contributed to the conversation.

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Would Fermax yeast nutrient work with this?

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I imagine that no it woudl not work as desired, but I woudl try it anyways, only cost $2 to give it a go. Diammonium phosphate is readily available for order anywhere in the world.
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I recently made some syrup for a tripel. At the time I didn't have any DAP and used cream of tartar, which was fine since I was shooting for a clear syrup.

I also made a very light amber using cream or tartar that will be used in a yet to be determined beer. This was 270.

Then I picked up some DAP and made a nice DARK amber for use in an upcoming dubbel. this was the #5 recipe. All I can say is OMG. If you make this stuff use DAP. The flavors that were brought out are incredible. I made a little extra and saved that in a smaller jar just to used on ice cream or biscuits. Thanks for the recipe!

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gotta try this.

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Question: for those that have used this with cider or apfelwein. How did it turn out? What temp syrup did you use and how did it effect the final flavor? I'm looking to use maybe a mix of 280 & 290 with store bought juice and concentrate mixed with raw cider. I'm going for that caramel apple on a stick flavor. I have used the 290 for the Carmel amber ale and liked it, but it didn't leave much for residual sugars. I'm thinking of using it both in primary and to backsweeten with a can of apple juice concentrate after crashing and killing the yeasties. I will be force carbonating... The event I want to brew for is in February... So I want to start soon to get the cider at its peak, and mellowed out a little.

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just tried this yesterday with a bottle of the LD Carlson yeast nutrient (made with di-ammonium phosphate and urea). was going for the 290F deep amber syrup and everything went well except i think i actually made the 270-280F syrup. I did a quarter batch just to test so I suspect the thin amount of liquid in pot gave thermometer false reading, went up to 292F before added water. I thought the syrup would continue to darken after cooling and bringing temperature back up but seemed to stay the same. Maybe next time will go more based on color. Smelled slightly of ammonia when cooking it, although I didn't try too hard to smell it while cooking. All in all, though i wasnt up to the right temp, I made a pretty good amber syrup- lots of caramel and vanilla with hints of cardamom and toastiness.

Plan on using this recipe in a few weeks for the amber ale recipe listed in this thread and also in some belgians. I think I will retry it this afternoon in a half batch, shooting for the deep amber syrup, then wont bring back up to 240F so I can keep it a syrup and use it to glaze a baked ham with...so excited! thanks for a great technique!
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I've been searching the thread and other threads but have had no luck in finding the answer, what would be a comparable candi level to the D-90 :


I want to make my own candi so, would it be best to go with the Deep Amber or Mahogany, or will neither of these be close enough to the flavor profile?

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I think I am missing something on this procedure.
I am pretty sure I followed the instructions correctly but I am creating a semi-solid instead of a syrup.
Did 2lbs with 1 cup of water + 1 tsp dap, cooked to 290, added 1/2cup of water and stirred in good as soon as the meter hit 290. Temp dropped to 240 and I put it in the ice bath.
Poured it into the mason jar while still warm, it is now a semi-solid in the jar. Not really sure how I am going to get it out.

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