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Jan 2009
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Hey. Ok, I'm planning a partial mash hefe-weisse batch. Normally I do a primary, secondary (for clearing), both in glass and also use a whirlfloc tab for additional clarity. But wheat beers aren't supposed to be clear,so should I not use secondary, and just do a 7-20 day primary then right into the bottling bucket? Also, assuming whirlfloc doesn't affect yeast should I still use it, or no...?

Also, I want this recipe to have a little more "pop" than just the standard wheat and pils recipe, so I thought I'd try 1/2 pound melanoidin (thought about using special B, or caramunich instead) but any feedback would be helpful. Here's my recipe so far...

(Tentative recipe)

5.75 Gallon batch, partial mash, 4 gal boil for 60 min (Beersmith)
OG 1.055 FG 1.014 : 12.3 IBU'S Estimated ABV 5.38 % @ 75 % effeciency

**Mash grains in grain bag @ 152 for 60 min, drain, then another 20 min @ 152 in smaller pot with clean water, drain, pour wort from small pot into large boil pot.

**Malt Percentages: 66.66 % Wheat, 27.78 % pilsner, 5.56 % Melanoidin (or other)
3 lb Wheat DME (late extract addition, 15 min boil)
1 lb Extra light (pilsner) DME (60 min boil)
3 lb Pale Wheat malt (Weyermann)
1.5 lb Pilsner malt (Weyermann)
.5 lb Melanoidin malt (Weyermann)
.75 oz Hallertauer Hersbrusker (pellet) 45 min boil
.75 oz Hallertauer Herbrusker (pellet) 15 min boil
White Labs WLP300 yeast (with starter)

7-20 days in primary (depending on hydrometer), then bottle?

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Feb 2009
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This is very similar to what I brewed up on Monday. I too tried my hand at mini-mashing and it was so much fun, I might stick to it from now on before moving to AG. I did almost the same exact recipe except I only used 1 oz Hallertau, and i used Wyeast 3068. Also, i didnt use the melanoidin either. I am not going to secondary this, and due to a business trip, will probably be leaving this in primary for about 3 weeks. I have it in a mid 60's water bath which i guess is not necessary being that Hefe's are meant to ferment at higher temps but... The cooler you ferment it, the less banana-like esters you get, and that's what Im shooting for. Keep us posted as to how this turns out.

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I don't even bother taking a hydro reading on the hefe I usually brew until day 18. Then on day 20 I take another one, it's always the same, and I prime, rack and bottel.
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Jan 2009
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So, primary only then? What about whirlfloc, irish moss, etc, should those be used?

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Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
So, primary only then? What about whirlfloc, irish moss, etc, should those be used?
You don't want to use clearing agents on a hefe. It's supposd to be light yellow and cloudy.

That's why I also wouldn't use melanoidin.

If you want some extra body, throw in some carapils or some Crystal #10. Definitely stay away from special B...you'll end up with a dark tan hefe.

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Jan 2009
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Ohh..ok. Well, how would I get something a bit more, um, "meaty"? I'm trying for something closer to a Schneider Weisse style, a bit darker, more "earthy". Would I just use dark wheat malt for that or something else? I guess I'm trying to make a dunkel. Something along the line of a Schneider Weisse, Hacker Pschorr, etc, not bright yellow, but more orangeish or very light brown.

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Mar 2009
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I just made a partial mash dunkelweizen today which is very similar to this one, though more grain:extract ratio than yours, and of course darker grains. I used the same yeast and very similar hop additions.

In my limited experience, I've gotten fairly clear beers without using a secondary or whirlfloc. I do use whirlfloc now, and I threw one into this batch just out of habit, but I doubt it will make any difference. I would think the natural cloudiness from a hefeweizen would far outweigh the gains you'd get from WF or secondary.

So I guess my vote is for no whirlfloc, just primary, and plan on bottling after 3 weeks, taking hydro readings in the preceding days.

EDIT: By the way, my recipe was more or less this one.
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