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Jul 2008
Posts: 63 I just got my new kegerator set up, and am looking forward to getting rid of the huge piles of bottles taking up my tiny appartment.
so let me see if I have this right.

1. So after I transfer the beer into the corny...then I need to presurize the tank and bleed out any remaining oxygen?

2. then If I want to bring it up to pressure in a couple days I set it to 30psi and let it sit inside the kegerator and after two or three days it should be good. is that right ? Do I need to shake it at all ?

If I am in no hurry I can just set it at serving presure (11, 12) and let it sit for a week, and then it should be ready ?

3. Before when I was bottling I would primary for four weeks and then go straight to the bottle. Do you all transfer to kegs as soon as it's done fermentation, or do you give it an extra week ?

4. I know I need to get a pipeline going so I'm not constantly drinking green beer, but will beer in a keg age while its at serving temps, or does it need to be at room temp ?

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1. Yes you need to set the lid so it makes a seal as well. Keg lube is a good to use on the o-rings and lid seal.

2. You can set it for 30 but my experience has not been that great doing it. I much prefer setting it for 12 and letting go a week or so.

3. Most ales to my taste are getting pretty good at around 6 weeks from pitching. These would be average gravities in the 52-56 range. Bigger beers need more time and smaller one a lttle less.

4. I was drinking my beers early for a while last year but not I am in good shape and they benefir from a few weeks agin. I ferment for 3 weeks and keg them. I let the last one age at room temperature for a couple of more weeks before they go into my fridge which can only hold 2 kegs.

You will like kegging. It has made my homebrewing a bit more enjoyable.

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its good to shake it at first , if you set it on 30 and shake the piss out of it for 10 min will shave 4 or 5 days off the carbing and it will be ready 24 hrs later.
you can hear it eveytime you shake it more gas goes in
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Mar 2009
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Don't forgot you can shake the crap out of it at serving pressure to avoid any chance of overcarbing. make sure its cold first, but it shouldn't take longer than 10-15 mins of shaking. (roll it on your lap).

I got impatient last night and shook it for awhile at 30 psi, then bled down to 10 and finished it off. saved me a few minutes.

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I just set at serving pressure and start sampling at one week, then start drinking at 2. Lets the beer do the aging it needs anyway. Plus you said you were in no hurry.,
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