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I often see recipes in BYO that include both LME and DME, even though they are the same type extract just different forms. Why would you do this rather than use all of one or the other?

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IMO it's just what they had on hand at the time they brewed.

Whenever possible I convert all the LME to DME...then DME to grain...sometimes...

1 lb grain = .75 lb LME = .6 lb DME...
HB Bill

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Many places sell LME in 1.5 or 3 kg boxes, so if you see a recipe that uses 6.6 lbs of LME and some DME, that's the reason.
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I agree with all written above.

However, let's say you had a small boil pot (less than 3 gallons) and could barely stuff all the extract into it without it overflowing...

You could just buy a bigger boil pot, but let's just say that for some reason it's not possible to use one/can't get one etc. In this case to use let's say 7 to 10 pounds of dry malt extract in a full rolling boil could become quite difficult/dangerous. I could imagine the 'raft' of DME floating downstream on your stove.

Also in the same scenario, to use the equivalent amount of LME in a full rolling boil could also become quite difficult as well. Unlike your DME the LME would sink to the bottom (if added in large quantity) and you'd have to stir like crazy while steam and spitting wort splash everywhere.

So perhaps adding both types of extracts could balance the equilibrium in a tiny pot?

Or maybe the sponsor is one of the malt companies and they want to sell the whole spectrum of product?
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I always use both. I don't have any specifics on why with the exception that LME seems to be cheaper at my LHBS.
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I only use DME, Briess to be exact, its what my LHBS carries, they sell LME by the pound, but I just cant see paying for hydrated DME. I'd say you gat a little more for your dollar w/DME. Conversely, LME comes in a ton of different types/colors/styles etc...Plus DME stores better.
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seems i have a very different tasting beer when i use the dme ,,way better tasting to me ,a little more in cost but after you have brewed a few more batches youll be able to tell a difference too,you beer bud bull

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