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My BIL made a comment about the head on the beer I poured. I explained to him that's the whipped cream on the dessert.
"Science + beer = good!"
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Oct 2008
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I'm in college. I was chatting with some coworkers and one started making remarks about how bad it was that his roomate had an occasional recreational beer. They then discussed how that was unhealthy and that they exclusively "drink to get drunk." Apparently binge drinking is the only way to go.

It often seems like explaining homebrewing, and the idea of craft beer at all, is a lost cause.

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Never underestimate what folks don't know or don't understand about beer (and put that in bold when it comes to homebrew). As you alluded, though, we've all been there. You cannot expect someone to just magically appreciate beer because you opened a bottle of homebrew. We have to teach without forcing it. It takes a little while to get the knack of it, just like brewing.

Beer is good for anything from hot dogs to heartache.

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Apr 2009
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There are alot of us homebrewers in college!
I go to a small school and there are about 6 of us in my class of 400 that I know brew.
Alot of people binge, but alot of people have some class in college too.
If I had to guess I would say the larger state system schools tend to be worse.
I have offered my homebrews to people in school, and you are right, alot of guys just don't understand. However, don't lose faith.

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Hey I'm just impressed that there are a few of you college kids out there that appreciate quality beer. I can't say I did at that age. Although no one around me did either. And I couldn't afford it if I did.

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Originally Posted by tspilker View Post
I went to a friend's recently. It wasn't a party, but its definitely a "gathering" of sorts.

I brought a few bottles of my first home brew attempt with me for sharing purposes. A few of us are sitting in the shop talking and I decide im going to get a few glasses and pour a few drinks for a couple of these people. I do so, and I pour them and distribute them.

The first thing I hear is "Why did you pour with so much head" I look up to say "it's a porter, and that's a 1-finger head at most" and I see my friend wipe his nose, and start swirling it on the top of the beer to "kill the head"

I remember us doing this long ago when using beer bongs... but I guess I expected a little more class from my friends these days. Granted, my first attempt at brewing was mediocre at best, but I would like to think that with a home brew of any kind comes a level of sophistication that shouldn't be pooled with Natty Ice or something.

Ive seen the same thing done when I have brought over other beers of the non-natty variety (Sierra Nevada Bigfoot specifically)

I get it... but I just dont get it. If that makes sense.

I see the head as one of the most beautiful elements of a beer, followed right by it's color and clarity. Why ruin it?

You never mentioned how he liked the taste. A nose wipe or ear wax foam killer will not change the taste.

So did he hate it? Probably not. And myself, I'll take the beer just right below the foam and call that the most beautiful element of a beer.
"Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis."

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Hey, I appreciate good beer, and I'm still in college (for a few more weeks....scary real life is incoming). When I decided to start brewing , I even jumped straight into kegging. Don't lose faith on us younguns yet!

A little bit more on topic, I have a friend that is a quite bit of a beer snob. In fact, he's a beer geek in training, I've got him contemplating a kegerator and whether or not he think he'll enjoy keeping it filled. Anyway, this psuedo-beer-snob just plain doesn't like head on his beer. He understands it is part of the presentation, texture, smell, etc, etc, but it annoys him. He doesn't enjoy cleaning it out of his beard/mustache/nose, so he generally just sips a bit and waits for it to dissipate. If he is in a hurry he'll do the finger thing (although for whatever reason, my brews always have VERY good head retention, so it is amusing to watch him try and make that work)

Our SOP when I pour him a homebrew (kegerator ftw) is that I pour one properly with a decent head and such, he bitches about head on beer, then he proceeds to deal with it and enjoy it anyway. I'd say don't let these guys get to you, and just continue to slowly educate them. Who knows, one of them could be your next homebrewing buddy.
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Jan 2009
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1+ to all of the college homebrewers out there. I try to teach some college kids the finer side of beer, but most just don't understand. Although there are a few that love a craft brew just as I do, so don't give up completely on us young-guns.
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Dec 2008
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I feel a college brewer roll call thread coming on...

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Mar 2009
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You guys are failing to see the light in having friends with horrible taste in beers.... more for you.

My roommates and I all got into brewing together, one got a starter kit, one bought the kettle and I bought the ingredients. They slowly lost interest and now its just me and another friend from school who have taken over their equipment.

I dont know if its a boston thing, or just the people who I hang with, but the beer snobbery is pretty high up here. I have greater trouble getting old folks (uncles and the like) to understand what good beer is than college kids.

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