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Jan 2008
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Heh, Reminds me of Ordinary bitter in England. The northern style bitter has a head, the southern style has very little. It is customary when visiting the "other" region to complain that there is too much/too little head......Then go on to tell everyone they are just stupid northern wankers/soft southern wankers, then let them display their magical powers by levitating you through a window.

Stout, of course is different. You should just cockpunch all your friends.

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Dec 2008
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I'm in college too. I try not to push my stuff on anybody but a few people are willing to try. Most of my friends are not that into beer and don't understand why I wouldn't just go to the store and buy some bud. Luckily I have a few friends who enjoy beer or are at least willing to try new things. I guess what I'm saying is be happy they are trying it, and try to educate them without sounding like a prick and they might actually come around.

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May 2008
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Most of my friends are either beer geeks, or beer geeks in training, although getting them into Belgians is a slow process, they just love IPAs too much to stray from 'em, and having Stone in the same city as you doesn't help
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well I serve beer cold, but hey I'm in Texas damit. Its hot here. Wait 5 min and its perfect. I never used to believe about some styles tasting better a little warmer. Well my abbey taste real good after I get out of the shower and take a sip at about room temp. Straight out of the keezer, well it just taste like sweet alcohol.

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Pearls before swine.

You should have just given him a Busch (or a Zima).

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Dec 2007
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The best way to deal with offensive beer idiots is to belittle them. Seriously, it is the only assault they respond to. If you can show them they are being idiots, then they might actually listen to you, instead of brush you off with a "whatever dude" attitude.

At least they are willing to try your beer and are happy to recieve it, they most likely just need some education.

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Sep 2008
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Just have to slowly educate your friends. I've seen some of mine come around. Even out of college you'll encounter people who don't get homebrewing. You'll also encounter many more who think it's awesome. Out of school you're with a group of people who are making money, can't drink every night of the week, and will appreciate a nicer drink when they do get to drink. In college you're with people living cheaply and wanting to party often to get drunk, which would become expensive off the good stuff.

It's sort of how I came around with another hobby of mine, cigars. In college I smoked cheap stuff ($5 a stick at most when I was living large). Now I regularly smoke $10+ sticks because I can't smoke as often and when I do, I want something nice.
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Aug 2008
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Originally Posted by tspilker View Post
How about the guys who beer bong the remains in the keg the next morning?
Nothing wrong with that.

Truthfully, flat BMC tastes like ass. Carbonated beer is harder to bong. Seems like a perfect match to me.

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Mar 2009
Burleson, TX
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Some things just can't be explained.

Shortly after I moved to DFW I got back in contact with a friend from high school. Back then it was MGD all the way, baby. By no means a great beer, but cheap and readily available. I asked him to try a pale ale I had made. He responded that he only drank Michelob Ultra now because he was watching his calories. I told him I thought it was a waste of effort to drink any of the uber-lights, but he missed my point saying "yeah, it's not as good as Natural Light, but it gets the job done".

I still have no idea what job that is.

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Oct 2005
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Beer head interferes with slamming it down. The whole point of drinking beer is to guzzle as much as you can as fast as you can before you start puking.
Remember one unassailable statistic, as explained by the late, great George Carlin: "Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!"

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