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Feb 2009
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There's a Lost thread, so I thought I'd start a Heroes thread. Anyone else watch this show? I completely missed the entire first season as I never had an interest in the show until I caught an all-day Heroes marathon on SciFi one day..I think so far the second season was the best. Can't wait to see if peter ever gets in contact with baby matt parkman to get his full on powers back.

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Jan 2009
Birmingham, AL
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So far I think this "volume" is the best since the first season. It is a little maddening how ineffective characters are at using their powers, though... but maybe kind of realistic? The writers have finally learned how to build tension, but I'm afraid they're trying a little too hard now.

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I've watched every episode up until the start of this season. We haven't had enough time to watch tv so I'm just leaving all of them on the DVR until we have a chance to go and catch up with them.

It's probably better to not have to wait till the next week to find out what happens anyways.

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Mar 2007
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The first season was great - some of the better television I've seen in recent years. The second was OK but was cut short (only 11 of a planned 24 episode season) by the writer's strike. Things went waaaaaaay downhill when it finally returned with gimmicky plot twists and whiny characters. Admittedly, your superheroes should be slightly flawed, but to me the writers would choose one trait and then beat you over the head with it - like it's the only thing about that character they could express.

Sorry for the rant... They recently fired the writers and brought back Bryan Fuller, the original guy from season 1 (who left to make the show "Daisies"). We're just now starting to see the episodes where he wrote the scripts. I expect things to get back on track and only improve.
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They stopped jumping the shark though. The spring episodes are much less 'gimicky'.
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Im with Rock. I watched the whole first season in Iraq, i bought a "box set" from a local and was hooked ever since. I told my wife about it and got her hooked and now we have about 12 episodes on the DVR we havent watched yet. Im really on a documentary kick right now, so must of the "TV" I watch is on my computer.
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I watched the first season, and kind of got lost on the second. Have meant to watch them and get back into it, but just haven't found the time. Glad to hear they are doing better again.
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Jan 2009
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Great show. I have kept up with the second and third season, but one of these days, I will buy that first season to watch.

I'm glad Peter caught the vial. The alternate storyline seems like a real bumout.
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SWMBO and I have been watching since day one. We have had friends that watched but have fallen by the wayside. Everyone that has stopped watching complains about the difficulty of keeping all the alternate timelines straight. We have done pretty a pretty good job of keeping track. It is probably tied for our favorite show with The Office.
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Jan 2009
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This show has been remarkably mediocre since the first season finale, which was super anticlimactic. I kept watching though, and saw all of season two. I blamed the mediocrity of that one on the fact that it was cut short by the writers strike. Then about halfway through season 3, I just got tired of it. I felt like every week they tired to manufacture an artificial cliffhanger, and everything just felt forced and cheesy. It really makes me sad, because season 1, overall, was pretty fantastic. I hear that this "volume" after the winter break has been improving, but I don't feel like catching up to watch it. Oh well.

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