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Wyeast 3763-PC Roeselare Ale Blend
Beer Styles: ALambics, Geuze, Fruit Lambic, Flanders Red Ale
Profile: Our blend of lambic cultures produces beer with a complex, earthy profile and a distinctive pie cherry sourness. Aging for up to 18 months is required for full flavor profile and acidity to develop. Will produce a very dry profile due to super-attenuative nature of the mixed cultures.

Alc. Tolerance 11% ABV
Flocculation variable
Attenuation 80%+
Temperature Range 65-85°F (18-30°C)
Wyeast 3789-PC Trappist Blend
Beer Styles: Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Flanders Red, Oud Bruin
Profile: A unique blend of Belgian Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces for emulating Trappist style beer from the Florenville region in Belgium. Phenolics, mild fruitiness and complex spicy notes develop with increased fermentation temperatures. Subdued but classic Brett character.

Alc. Tolerance 12% ABV
Flocculation medium
Attenuation 75-80%
Temperature Range 68-85°F (18-30°C)

Wyeast 5151-PC Brettanomyces claussenii
Beer Styles: Lambics, Geuze, Fruit Lambic, Flanders Red Ale
Profile: Isolated from English stock ale, this wild yeast produces a mild Brett character with overtones of tropical fruit and pineapple. It ferments best in worts with a reduced pH after primary fermentation has begun. May form a pellicle in bottles or casks. Typically used in conjunction with other yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

Alc. Tolerance 12% ABV
Flocculation medium
Attenuation 80%
Temperature Range 60-75°F (15-24°C)

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Wow that's really cool, how much are the going for?
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Probably the usual $6-7 range, maybe slightly more for the Brett C.

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Brewmasters Warehouse
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I just got them in, and listed on the site. I am not really a Brett type brewer, but I may have to try one of these out.
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anyone seen these on the street yet? I've been checking around, and the roeselare is the only one I see...but I thought that was just because they're supposedly doing it year round now.

EDIT: BW beat me to it. Looks like I'll be ordering from you!
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Originally Posted by Evan! View Post

EDIT: BW beat me to it. Looks like I'll be ordering from you!
Ordering mine right now.

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The delima:
My first sour ale is a Flander's Red with Roselare blend made last June. It is still in the carboy with a substantial pellicle. So I have not tried it nor do I expect it to be ready anytime soon.

1) Do I go ahead an get a new carboy and blend to make a 2009 version of the Flander's red?
2) Or do I wait until June to order the yeast and hope the current one can be bottled around then freeing up my "sour" carboy?
3) Or should I just wait until I can try the current sour ale to make sure its something I like?

Funding problems probably puts me at 2) however if funds free up 1) is an option. My current beer looks real ugly but I have liked every real Lambic and Flanders Red I have tried, so I suspect I will like this one just fine.


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I'm thinking of trying a Trappist style so the "Wyeast 3789-PC Trappist Blend" should be just the ticket for me. I'm going to pick up two for the hell of it.
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Originally Posted by PWalk View Post
I'm thinking of trying a Trappist style so the "Wyeast 3789-PC Trappist Blend" should be just the ticket for me. I'm going to pick up two for the hell of it.
I would only suggest that if the “Trappist” style beer you are planning to brew is based on Orval. Orval is the only Trappist brewer to use Brett in their beer, the rest of them just use Saccharomyces.
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