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I've heard of scams with bank checks before. When you deposit the check it will go through, but a few days later the bank will realize they didn't receive the funds and will pull the money back out. I don't know exactly how it works, but thats my understanding of it.

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Yeah, stay away from this guy. or at the least send him an email stating this sounds like a very common scam on craigslist and this is the reason you will except his terms. If he really is legit he will reply with other options.
i did this to a reply similar to yours from selling my dirtbike on C'sL. Albeit, mine didn't have very well English where yours seems grammatically and linguistically intact.

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It's a scam - I was selling my boat on CL and got about 5 of those emails a day. Best way around it is to post your phone number and have people call you, scammers won't call only legit interested people.
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It's a well known scam. In fact, if you post anything forsale on CL, it's the first few responses you're likely to get.
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Yep, scammer. Just for kicks get him to pay for the shipping, then put a bunch of nasty old food from your fridge in the box. Then just follow the package and try to cash that check . Post back with results of course!

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Yep, I got some of these when I posted some appliances. I just replied that I only accept cash---never heard back.
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Originally Posted by eschatz View Post
Have the check delivered to a friends house with your name on it so this guys doesn't know where the van is until you check the check, so to speak. If the bank cashes it then it's golden. Right?
No... it may take longer to clear from the issuing bank than your bank holds the funds for.

If it fails to clear you'll be on the hook for the money. My wife works for a financial institution. Happens all the time.
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If the bank cashes it then it's golden. Right?
Not a good idea. A bank can pull the money out of your account if there is a problem with the check later.
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You should go through with the deal. To be on the safe side transfer the sale amount of the van to me from your account. If the deal goes south, I will send the money back to you to cover the charges. You can trust me, if you need references my Nigerian Uncle will provide them.
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This is a scam. I know its tempting cause you want to sell your van, but don't do it. What will end up happening is you will get a check that will be higher than your asking price. He will say his bank made a mistake and that you should send him the difference from your bank account. His check will bounce after a few days. Wait until a normal person answers your ad.

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