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Dec 2008
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Good morning all.
I am new to wine making, but have been making ciders for a while.

I have a question:
Has anyone ever made maple wine?
I just staretd a batch last week just to see. I produce about 5 gallon of maple syrup from my own trees every year. This year I boiled 80 something gallons of maple sap dow to get a sg of 1.09, added about 1 1/2 cups wildflower honey, yeast nutrient and lavin 1118 yeast. Its bubbling away like mad with a mild yeasty aroma.

Just have not seen any recipies for this and i am not sure if it is due to the cost, amount of labor involved or if the end product is nasty.(hoping its one of the first two not the last)

Any input would be great


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Old 04-08-2009, 09:52 PM   #2
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Mar 2009
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Subscribed. Thought about doing this with bulk maple syrup from Sam's Club and maybe oak aging.

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Jun 2008
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Considering I love maple syrup, I bet and hope it comes out good. I read maple does not have a huge amount of fermentables in it so the honey was probably a good choice to raise the ABV a bit.
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Sep 2009
Nova Scotia
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Hi! I'm Kardijan! This is my first posting & the original message was last December Anyway, I just opened a bottle of our Maple wine made in March 2007 from our own Maple trees. IT IS STILL WORKING!!!! It is like a Maple Champagne or something! I've never tasted anything like it before. The flavour borders on sweetness, but the bubbles give it a bite that hits mid-chest!! Sounds weird, eh? I should have known, as we have lost two bottles over the last 6 months or so from the corks popping off & landing across the other side of the Dining Room! Never had that happen before, either! Good luck with the Maple Wine, &, if it works, let me know how you managed it. I suggest three years in the bottle unless they decide to open themselves!!

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Jun 2009
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Sounds delicious! Actually fermented maple syrup is considered by some a variation of mead, even when there's not a lot of honey in it. Do a search for "acerglyn" on here and some of the mead websites. (Where do all these mead names come from anyway?) I've thought about doing something like this (which is how I found the name), but since I don't have any maple trees of my own it could get pretty pricey. Good luck!
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