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May 2008
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I planted three rhizomes this past Monday, a golding, a northern brewer and a centennial. Checking on the bed today, I noticed the golding and northern brewer were already popping out the ground! And I put them down pretty deep, probably 4-6 inches! At this rate, they'll be over the top of the twine I rigged up in no time. Hopefully, I'll get enough cones this year to make a beer.
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Feb 2009
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Nice! Just planted three rhizomes this past week as well. No growth yet, but hopefully soon!
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Jan 2009
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Must be nice...Still waiting for the freeze to stop!
Dr. Dan

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Dec 2008
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Yup, they grow like weeds. Oh yeah, they are weeds!

I got enough hops out my two first year Centennials to make a batch. They second year they produced more than a pound. I'm expecting 3-4 pounds in this, the third year. There are a couple dozen purple sprouts peeking out of the ground just waiting for the weather to warm.


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Oct 2005
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My 4th year plants are just breaking ground. It's been cold and dark this Spring. Most years there's a sunny period in February, but not this year. So, the ground is very cold and it's saturated. Frost the last three days doesn't help.
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Mar 2008
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Dunno if this is the usual, but my two hop plants from last year--Chinook and Nugget--sprouted later than my new rhizomes just received a month or less ago--and, curiously, the older plants sprouted later and are growing much more slowly than the new ones, but older ones have more numerous shoots.

As I say, I have no idea if it is natural for the established plants to get off to a slower start compared to the new rhizomes or not, and if so, for what reason.
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Oct 2008
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I can attest to how they like the sun. I planted 4 of mine where they will get the maximum amount of sun. They sprouted in 5 days, I then dug them up because I read that it is more beneficial to plant them horizontal and the popped back in in another 5 days.

I have 3 cascades in a different part of the yard that doesn't get nearly as much sun. I did not dig them up when I did the other and none of them have sprouted yet.

With this in mind should I plant some shade loving hops in this location by switching with the others.

Here is what I have Perle, chinook, centenial, magnum, wilammette and cascades.

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Oct 2008
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OH i got a good one, ready for it?: "Unpredictable Nature, is Unpredictable!"

I say the same thing when I watch Animal Planet, and I see a crazy wild Bear, "Angry bear, Is angry" lol Oh i slay me

I also have something starting to break through the soil, and I don't think it's zombiez! In fact, i took a little dirt off the top, because when I watered them, the soil compacted over them and pushed them down a little every time.

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