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Oct 2008
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Apologies, but I figured the lack of response was due to perhaps lack of detail.


So I was a bit curious about some ideas I had for switching it up a bit with some traditional recipes with a few changes.

First I was considering an oatmeal porter, rather than a stout.

Second a very dark or black IPA, furnished with either stout or porter grain bill.

Third how about an India Pale Lager? Or fourth a stout or porter via lager yeast?

Do you guys think the lager yeast would work well in an IPA or stout/porter? I was hoping the classic lager roundness or smoothness might add an interesting dimension to a hop bomb or a roasty, chocolatey black beer.

How would I go about calculating the amount of oats to add to the porter?

Also any suggestions to the black IPA recipe? I love hopbombs but I always have wanted an IPA with substantial malt flavors, whether caramel tasting or roasty tasting. I was thinking a drier stout with citrus tasting hops and dryhopping.

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Oct 2008
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Also considered were a smoked IPA, a Rauch Marzen via ale yeast, and an Imperial Stout nicknamed "Blackwater' after the mercenary contractor in the war on terror. Well one of the contractors. I believe it is the biggest.

Anyone in the least bit curious about these? Any advice on modifying the recipes to reflect the above beers rather than their parent style? IE what to use in a black IPA. I want to add both color AND body, with a firm, roasty, caramely malty background. The hops will be aroma forward, the bitterness being provided by toasted malt, black barley, black patent malt, and roasted barley in synergism with the small amount of bittering hops. ANy malts you guys believe would work better? How about some flaked oats/rye/barley? Or some regular rye or wheat or something? I'mm thinking then some spicy hops, some floral, and some clean grapefruit or citric, perhaps Cascade and or Amarillo gold, and then smaller quantities of specialty hops to add a lovely full palate of intertwining yet distinct hop flavors.

Any thoughts? That was the black IPA, but how about the IPA lager? How about using a yeast that makes fruity flavors and is a lagering yeast. Then cold condition it with dryhopping with fruity, citric, piney, and floral hops.

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Great use of the word synergism

All of these ideas sound cool to me. Its part of the reason I got (back) into homebrewing, to make beers that are a little different than what's available commercially.

Your "Black IPA" sounds like its just a really hoppy and big stout, which is not keeping with the stout style really, so in essence it would be a different beer. I think it sounds like a beer that would be incredibly full of flavors and I would be interested to see what its like.

Again, with the IPL (India Pale Lager) it would be a lager/Pils that is hoppy and high in ABV which isn't exactly deviating completely from the style but is a little different.

IMHO, try whatever you'd like, that's part of the joy of Homebrewing. Like I said, I'd like to see a super hoppy Imperial Stout...
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Baltic Porters are generally made with lager yeasts (though I believe there are other differences too). I think my friend made a black IPA, but he used... maybe chocolate rye? I don't remember. Yours definitely sounds darker (which, as Skewed said, would make it more of a hoppy porter I think). They all sound good, and Blackwater is such a great name for a dark beer that I wish I had come up with it myself

Let us know how they turn out, if you make them!
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Nov 2008
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Sweetwater's winter seasonal is a dry-hopped stout and it's fantastic, so the "black IPA" might be a winner.

I think Highland does an oatmeal porter. It's not really any different than an oatmeal stout.

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Rogue Shakespeare Stout may be close to what you're looking for in a black IPA. It's awesome!

I don't like huge caramelly grainbills getting in the way of my hops, though, so I might take something like a schwarzbier grainbill and hop it up.
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big supper
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Stone's 11th aniversary was basically a Black IPA (IIPA), and was great. i have brewed a version and so has a buddy. Fantastic.

Do a search. There is a thread kickin around.

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