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Nov 2008
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Does anyone have a good recipie for Fig Mead? I was looking for a Sweet mead, not dry, although I could go for a medium. I just don't know how much fig to put in. Only found one recipie for a 5 gallon batch and that called for 18 pounds of figs. Not dried. So some imput from people that have done it and flavor would be good. I was thinking on a Fig Nutmeg with a touch of vanilla. Like only 1-2 vanilla beans to round out the flavor but I don't know enough about raw figs to know how much would make a good flavor. Also, How to treat them. Juice them, mash them and put in a bag, peal and slice and put in a bag, or what. Let alone how much to use. To give you an Idea of my standard sweet mead:

1 tsp yeast nutrient
2 tsp yeast energizer
20 pounds alfalfa honey
4 gallons of water
2 packets of restarted yeast (Lavin D-47)

That is what I use as my base Sweet Mead. I usually add fruit and the like in the secondary to preserve the flavor. I usually put the fruit and spices in for about 1 month, unless I am juicing it, then it is just in as there is no pulp to remove.

I recently did a Pear Nutmeg, about a 6 gallon batch and I used 1 whole nutmeg freshly crushed and that turned out lovely, good strong flavor. Plan on doing the same with this one and putting in 1 or 2 vanilla beans. Problem is, How much Fig and how to treat them. Primary, secondary, crush, juice, slice, peal, not peal, and when is the best time to buy figs?

I have a local whole foods store that I am planing on shopping at. I don't want dried figs but don't know what would be best.

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Aug 2005
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Found a recipe for Forgotten Oasis Fig Mead

Hope it helps

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May 2008
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I have a fig melomel that I made, and I could post that recipe up, but as it is still aging in bottles, and I haven't tried one yet, I really have no idea how it turned out yet. Recipe is for a one-gallon test batch that I threw together from a few fresh figs that I had on the tree in the yard. I didn't have enough figs to make a bigger batch, so I didn't bother doing much measurements.

2.5 cups Honey (citrus, comes out to about 2#)
17 fresh figs
6oz dry black mission figs
D-47 Wine Yeast

Directions: Peel and quarter fresh figs, then place into heated water and smash once softer. Bring to boil then cover and let rest until chilled down. Once figs and water reaches 80F or so, add pectic enzyme, re-cover. Strain into carboy, add honey, top with water then pitch yeast with nutrient. Once the mead fermented all the way racked onto the 6oz of dry figs, which were halved.

I bottled this one a bit ago, but haven't opened one yet, at bottling though it was very hot flavored, which caused my current state of waiting before opening, plus, you only get 9 bottles out of a one gallon batch, and I'd hate to open one early. This was done earlier in my mead-making career, so I didn't know not to boil the fruit, and if I did it again I would probably smash the figs then add camden instead.
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Nov 2008
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Thanks for the info, I saw that Oasis Fig mead, 18 pounds of Figs for what I am looking for. I may just use 20 pounds. By the sounds of it crushing them may be better than my usual method. That is blenderizing, runing through a siv, blenderizing the pulp and freezing and thawing and then hitting it with petin enzime for a few hours, filtering through a siv again, just using all of the juice. That may not be the best here, works for pears, blueberries, and other fruit but not Figs. Ah, well. I shall have to think about this. I don't want a dry mead but a medium is good, sweet is preferred and figs have a good flavor. I am not one for dry but this may taste great dry and carbonated. Ah well. The search goes on.

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Feb 2008
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I'd been thinking fig wine or mead for a while, looked around the net for recipes, but most tended towards dried fruit which didn't suit me. At a farmers market over the weekend - fresh figs, extremely tasty and multiflora honey. All at the right price so bought on the spur.
Conjured up a mead recipe, started on 31 March.
1.2kg figs, 5kg honey, Lalvin 71B yeast, malic and tartaric acid, nutrient and energiser, pectic enzyme, water to 11.4 litres (3 USgall).
Fruit componant is lighter then I'd like but honey at 400gms/litre will have legs. Fruit was quartered and bagged, unpeeled, in must overnight for campden to work, then left further 12 hours for pectics before yeast pitched. Really strong and pleasant aromas from bucket. OSG off the scale, est. at 1145. Today 3 April, just passed first nutrient break; all seems well.
Like the look of that Forgotten Oasis recipe

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