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Mar 2009
Denver, CO
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I have an IPA I have dry hopped for about a week now. What is the best amount of time you should dry hop for. I was thinking of doing 2 weeks but if I'm not getting any more hoppiness out of it I would like to keg it asap. So what is the ideal amount of time to dry hop?

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Feb 2009
Spring, TX
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You'll get some different input on this one. I've read that beyond 7 days can cause a "grassy" flavor but I've heard others say they dry-hop for 14-21 days with no grassy flavors. I've typically done 7 days and found that it was enough to get the hop aroma that I was looking for with 1oz of hops in a 5 gallon batch. As for ideal, I don't think you'll get a good answer for that one. Remember that all you're getting is aroma out of dry-hopping. No flavor or bitterness.

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I generally go 2 weeks, but supposedly 1 week is good enough. I have also put the hops in a hop bag and added them to the keg. THis may give the beer a "vegetable" taste, but I usually drink those fast. (IPA's on tap don't last long around my house.)

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Aug 2008
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Depends on the temperature. If it's at room temp, around 70f, then 5-7 days is about as long as I would go. If you go longer, you will start extracting some vegetal flavors that I don't think are very good. If you are dry hopping while cold conditioning or even in the keg, they can stay in much longer.

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Jun 2006
Flagstaff AZ
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I have started to dry hop 1 oz for a week then another 1 oz for another week to make my APA taste great. This is also at room temperature. But make sure if you use a hop bag to add some marbles to submerge all the hops, or else they will just float on the top. I first started with 1 oz but found not enough hop aroma and stepped up to 2 oz next batch.

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I normally only dry-hop for 7 days. However, my last IPA didn't get bottled when planned and went an extra week without suffering any vegetable-like off flavors. Going two or more weeks is not something I would plan though.
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I've dry hopped half of a 10 gallon batch for just three days and the other half for a week and there was not much difference between the two.
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Dec 2007
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Two weeks, pellet and whole, has always worked for me. A couple of those beers were judged by Certified and National BJCP judges at comps, and no mention of grassy aromas/flavors were mentioned.
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Originally Posted by Conroe View Post
I've dry hopped half of a 10 gallon batch for just three days and the other half for a week and there was not much difference between the two.

I have noticed the same thing. Beers that I have dry hopped for 3 days vs. 1 week vs. 2 weeks have all had about the same effect. I am sure there were some subtle differences, but my pallate could not distinguish between them.

With such results, I dry hop for convenience, usually shooting for between 4 and 10 days, or whenever I have time to rack.
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Jan 2008
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I always dry hop for 1 week at fermentation temp (66F), then crash cool for 3-5 days. I have noticed grassy flavors with some hop varieties at longer dry hopping times. I am also a big fan of double dry hopping as mentioned ealier. i should note that I only use whole hops for dry hopping as I have noticed grassy flavors from in every beer that I have dry hopped with pellets.

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