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Originally Posted by tndave View Post
CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is one of the byproducts of fermentation and the gas that we "carb" beer with...
Yes, but the dry ice they use isn't for consumption due to havingbad byproducts in it. It isn't just solid CO2.

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OK, you are talking about chunking dry ice directly into wort or beer...not a good idea. Sorry, I missed that little bit of info. I quess I just got caught up on the memories of that 1979 kegger....

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Originally Posted by GunnerMan View Post

Helium is colder yes but even harder to get and harder to make=more expencive.
The liquid helium thing was a joke, dude.
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Anyway yeah I wouldn't put the dice directly in the wort, if you have a 2 chiller setup(one in wort and one in ice bath) you could add a pond pump to make it a closed line and fill it up with alcohol(cheap at a hardware store) then put your chiller in the bucket with crushed dice, although you may be more efficiant just puting your whole kettle into a bucket and lining it with the dice.

I might try it one of these days, I am always intertested in taking things to the extreme.
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Originally Posted by Duckfoot View Post
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Originally Posted by tndave View Post
CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is one of the byproducts of fermentation and the gas that we "carb" beer with...

I was referring to "dry ice" which is simply CO2 in solid (very cold) form. The process that is used to make it leave the dry ice with contaminants. You wouldn't want to add that directly to your brew.
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I work for a place that uses a lot of Liquid Nitrogen. I can get as much as 5 gals any time I want.
So if cost and handeling were not an issue, could I use liq N2 to cool my wort?

aslo, how would I use it? could I just pour it in? how much will I need?
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I was thinking about it what if you put a length of your siphon hose in a foam cooler and poked a hole on either side one in and one out and then put the dry ice in the cooler and siphoned your wort through the hose. The heat will get absorbed in the dry ice and avoid any contact with it. Flow rate would be important so it doesn't freeze.

Also if you had a copper pipe poke it through the foam box and attach it to your hose as copper is a better conducter then plastic.
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This is just a bad idea all around. If you put any sort of super cold liquid or solid such as dry ice or LN2 into boiling wort you will end up instantly flash boiling the dry ice or LN2 and the rapid change to gas will cause a nice volcano of boiling wort to splash all over you and whatever is near you.

Pouring LN2 around your pot and having it sit in a LN2 bath would be a bit safer and would rapidly chill your wort as long as you stirred it to prevent the wort at the sides of the pot from freezing. LN2 isn't that expensive. My wife works with it at work and they pay 20 cents per gallon. Cheaper than gas! My opinion is that it isn't worth the hassle as you can get a batch down to pitching temps rather quick with a whirlpool IC. I used a paint mixer to slowly stir the wort on my last 10 gallon batch and it took maybe 20 mins to cool it down to 65 F from boiling with my 50' IC. It went below 140 in less than 10 mins.

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