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Originally Posted by Sigafoos View Post
Which is better at reducing yeast clogging, stainless or aluminum?
Stailuminum works best. It's the best of both worlds! It's the liger of homebrewing, bred for it's skills in magic.
Originally Posted by Catt22 View Post
I would never use a dead mouse in my beer. It's much better to use live ones. You could probably just steep a dead one, but live ones must be mashed. Actually, smashed and mashed would be best.

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We're on a septic tank, and I reiterate what was said earlier: yeast is a cure, not a problem. As for the pipes- well, lots of things will stick in there, particularly if there's not enough water to make the contents move along. The worst offender in plumbing clogs is paper products other than white toilet paper (you can guess at these....). The plumbing of your drains can also be a problem. Our house drain system when we moved in was comprised of nothing but 90° elbows and junctions. Nothing could be more conducive to problems. All that stuff should be wye'd in with 45° junctions- which we had done when we remodeled. Plenty of yeast goes through our system, but I don't dump a solid yeast cake / trub down there. That & any whole-cone hops goes on the compost heap. Any animals that want to lunch there will have to take their chances....
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Originally Posted by Grahambo View Post
I have a creek to dump all things organic in maybe the shrimp will eat my spent hops and become infused for the season this year
Forget beer batter... just feed hops right to the shrimp. Helluva idea!
"Science + beer = good!"
-Adam Savage

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Originally Posted by bull8042 View Post
Well DUH! Just dump it in the storm drain at the curb with the used motor oil. You can't clog those things up!
And if a cat or dog dies from hops consumption, the body just washes away the next time it rains!

I've had less than 1/2" of rain so far this year.(truthfully)

So that's why there are some many dead cats around

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it hasn't rained here for 2 wks and the rivers are just now getting back to 'normal spring pool'.
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wow - I had no Idea

I have cast Iron pipe and I dump all my stuff down the drain

i've been doing it for over a year and not had a problem yet

maybe it is because when I do I always have a ton of stuff to wash after
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So if I place my spent hops in a Staluminum bowl with some ethyl glycol, I can kill that damn Liger that is running around the neighborhood. Good to know, I pick up so much useful information around here.

As for hops and dogs, my hound eats deer sh$^ all the time. Hops are not really my worst fear at this time, besides that goes in a compost bin.
zum Wohl

"A man who carries a cat by the tail, learns something he can learn in no other way." - Mark Twain

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Originally Posted by bmckee56 View Post
I have been putting yeast from wine and beer down my commode in the basement for over two years no. Before that I used 1 packet of regular bakers yeast in the commode for 5 years or more. You see, I have a septic system and the yeast are good at eating up all the nasty stuff in my septic tank. The company I just used to clean out my septic tank after 8 years was amazed at the condition of the tank and the amount (lack of actually) [email protected] they sucked out.

As for the actual pipes, this may be of some concern, but it has not given me any difficulty to date as the line from the commode to the tank is very short.

Thanks for the heads up though.

Uhhh can you imagin ... Sh*t eating mutant yeast

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Originally Posted by AZ_IPA View Post
so can't dump it down the drain cuz it will clog your pipes; you cant dump it in the yard cuz it will kill your dogs and cats.

What are we supposed to do with hop/yeast sludge?
Didn't the Aussies figure this one out a long time ago?Eat it!!Vegemite mate?

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What kind of style goes well with **** eating mutant yeast?
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

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