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Mar 2009
Seymour, IN
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I have noticed with my newest batch of beer that the yeast at the bottom of the bottles is not packing down and pelleting to the bottom of bottle, but is rather sitting and swirling around at the bottom. Even after refrigerating for one day this yeast is still not settled. When I pour the beer I always get a large amount of yeast and the yeast is in these big chunks. The beer is a belgian wit, so yeast in beer is not too bad but still I dont think unsightly chunks is normal. The bottles have been conditioning for about 4 weeks now. The yeast I used was WLP 400 Belgian wit, and i racked this beer straight from secondary after about 2 weeks. Does anyone know what would cause this yeast to never settle nicely at the bottom of the bottle?

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Oct 2008
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I would say to just let the beer sit longer, and it should settle out in time. I have to ask the following questions though..
How much yeast is in the bottle exactly? How long did you leave the beer in the primary and secondary fermenters? What temperature did the bottles condition at? How does the beer taste? Do you try to empty every last drop out of the bottle?

If there is a ton of yeast in the bottles, I would say that a lot of yeast/ trub got into the bottles from when racking from secondary. Did you use a racking cane with a cap on the end?

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Some yeast strains are less flocculant than others. I'm sure a little more time in the fridge would result in a more solid yeast cake in the bottom of the bottle.

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Nov 2007
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Have you ever had a Sterkens White? Major yeast chunks, no matter how you handle it. Yummy beer.

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Jan 2009
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After 3 weeks at 70 degrees, I usually recommend at least 48 hours in the fridge. Give it another day or two and see what happens.

Or just taste it and see if you like it.
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Jan 2009
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I've tasted it. It's a great beer. In fact, if he will loan me the recipe, I intend to make a batch myself! Yeast doesn't bother me, but it is a little chunky.

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Let them sit in the fridge for a while, at least a week...the longer the better.
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Hold on now . . . Belgian wits are supposed to be yeasty. Usually you don't want it to clear out too much, instead you want that yeast all in the pour. So the real issue is how do you get the chunky yeast resuspended? I would recommend the standard wit or hefe pouring instructions of pouring about 3/4 of the bottle out, then swirling the final 1/4 in the bottle to resuspend the yeast and hopefully break up the "chunks", then pour it all in. You just may need to be a bit more vigorous in your swirling to resuspend this yeast.
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