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Jul 2007
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So I'm trying to adapt the blood orange hefe recipe in Calagione's Extreme Brewing to all-grain. For a 10 gallon batch, I'm using 10 lbs or each German Pilsener malt and Mutons wheat and then the hop schedule he provides.

I attempted this on Sunday and got a massively stuck sparge. No amount of stirring, grain removal, etc. would help with this. I've since acquired about 3 lbs of rice hulls to prevent this in the future but just need to know the best way to incorporate them.

I've gathered that I probably need to soak them before adding them, but should I just mix the grains and toss in some of the rice hulls as though they were a specialty grain? I don't think I'll need to use them all (couple handfuls seems to be the proper amount). If I am reading correctly, I can probably stir them into a stuck sparge if needed, yes?

A lot of you have never had a stuck sparge even with upwards of 60% wheat in your grain bill. I'm using one of the 10 gallon igloo water coolers with a false bottom and I fly sparge. I understand this would likely not be an issue if I used a picnic-style cooler with a manifold, but this is what I've got for now.

Let me know what luck you guys have had with this sort of thing or any suggestions you have to prevent this for the next batch (this afternoon ). Thanks!
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Ive only used rice hulls a couple of times, so I'm no pro, but I would say you would be good using half of your 3Lbs. Also Ive found that for beers with high ratios of wheat, especially German style hefes, Munton's isn't as tasty as a white or red wheat. I used it forever because it was what the LHBS had and I found my hefes werent what I was looking for, then switched over to the white wheat and what a difference it made! It might be all in my head, but it also seems that the Munton's does tend to coagulate the mash a bit more as well. Hope that helps you out!

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I've only used them once, when doing a rye...and I just tossed them in at room temp and stirred them in with the rest of the mash. I'd be curious to know if there were better ways to use them
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I use them when using rye malt and only one time with a wheat beer. I use .5 pound for 5 gallon batch and I do hydrate in water first before using. I add them to the cooler after grains and stir the mash well. I wouldn't be to cheap with them since a stuck sparge is just a big pain compared to a few more rice hulls. Good Luck

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Wash them beforehand. This cleans them (as they are typically pretty scuzzy), as well as hydrates them so as not to absorb any precious wort. Once hydrated, you won't have to figure them into your calcs for absorption.
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you didn't mention whether you did one or not, but raising the temp up for a mash out before the sparge can help prevent sticking as well

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I have done a grand total of one minimash. I put all th grains and rice hulls in an empty dry bucket and mixed them together, then poured them into the mash tun.

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