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May 2007
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OK so as per John Palmer I've been adding my strike water to a pre heated MLT with the grains already there. I've been having issues with not reaching mash temp. I seem to always come out a few degrees low. The MLT I use is a converted stainless steel regular size keg.

It seems easier to just heat the water in the MLT a few degrees above strike temp and then add the grain to the water that's already there. Does anyone do this? Anything I should be worried about if I try this?



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I do grain to water, and preheat my cooler as well..though I dunno if THAT part is really necessary if you overheat your water and let it cool to the right temp.

Then I stir madly wile adding my grain to prevent doughballs.
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Both will work once you know what's going to happen to temperature when you're all in.

I do water to grain, but I know from experience I need 3* - 4* hotter water than Beersmith tells me I need.

I tried grain to water a couple times, but I find I have much more of an issue with dough balls that way. YMMV.
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May 2007
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This is my MLT, btw...

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Oct 2008
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Grain into water. I mash in a plastic container and use a heatstick to adjust temp if needed - I dump in the grain after the bath temperature is where I want it.

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I use a 10 gallon igloo cooler, and on my first AG i missed my mash temp by so much going grain into water that i had to do 3 small decoctions...on a double IPA!

Last brew, i calculated my strike water and subtracted 3 quarts. I took those 3 quarts and boiled them to pre-heat my mash tun. I left the lid off and let it cool down to 10above strike temp and added the grain. I then added the strike water. My temp was DEAD on.
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I had been following Palmer, and going water to grain. My efficiency stunk.

Now, I pre-heat my MLT, dump that water, add the strike water, then add the grain. I add about a third of the grain, stir, add, stir, add, stir. No dough balls, and my efficiency went up into the 80's (more water probably helped there).

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In my Coleman 70 for a 5 gallon batch I have to heat my strike water 13*F over my strike temp. I add half the grain to the tun, half the water, stir, half the grain, half the water, stir again for 2 minutes, and then go have a homebrew knowing my temps will settle just right.

The BeerSmith "adjust temp for equipment" works great, if you have a stainless or a small mash vessel. For my big cooler with all its huge head space I created a spreadsheet to calculate my mash temps since BeerSmith doesn't seem to take all that empty volume into account.
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I've always pre-heated the tun with near-boiling water, adjusted to strike temperature, then added the grain.
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I pump to the MLT from the HLT at my strike temp (usually 170 something) let it rest for 5 minutes then pump back to the HLT to heat the water back up to strike temp. I pump back over, add grains and stir. I usually hit my temps, though this weekend I was over by a couple degrees.
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