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Nov 2008
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I'm planning for my 4th batch and can't decide on a recipe that will please my bride of 35 years.

Her favorite beer is Michelob. Yep, Just plain old AHB Michelob. I am more into the heartier IPAs, Stouts, Porters, etc. that she cannot stand and will not drink. I think it is the hoppiness that she does not like more than anything. I have offered to just buy her the Mich and then brew what I like, but nooooo!!! She wants me to brew a Michelob clone for her.

So, I have searched and cannot find a Michelob clone recipe. My experience so far is 2 LME batches and one DME w/ steeped grain batch. Not into all-grain yet. I brew inside with a 3 gallon pot so no full boils.

Anyone have any recipes or ideas?
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Go on and look at their 50 cent brews sections and I think they have a kit she'll like.

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Jan 2009
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my wife likes the brewers best english pale ale.

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Aug 2008
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See if there is an extract version of Biermuncher's SWMBO Slayer. Every female I have given a glass to has LOVED it! (yes, many more than 1).

It is very smooth and has a great flavor. I'll be brewing that again in a month or so.

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Nov 2008
Belen (Albuquerque), New Mexico, New Mexico
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I'd rather not do a mail order kit. There is a decent LHBS here and if I had a recipe or commerical kit suggestion, I can pick it up this weekend and get started.

I will see if they have the Biermuncher's SWMBO Slayer in stock or can replicate it. Thanks
Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

My Theme Song: "I Like Beer"

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Feb 2009
Northern Kentucky
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The guy at the LHBS told me to just cut back on the hops. I have an american amber ale partial mash that I'm brewing tomorrow at 35 IBUs and I'm gonna cut the hops back and see how it works.
The wife and I both hate overly hopped beers. They have an astringent taste.

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Old 03-20-2009, 09:39 PM   #7
Jun 2008
Winnipeg, MB, CA
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Biermuncher is a guy on the forums. I don't think you can buy a kit for it.

if you scroll down you'll find the extract recipe for the swmbo slayer.


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Dec 2008
Sunnyvale, CA
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The formatting of this is going to come out all crappy, but if you copy and paste into Excel it should fix it.

I put this together because I myself do not like "Hoppy" beers. Although I am pretty sure that is a misnomer. I think a Hoppy beer really refers to bitter beers. To me hoppy is the hop flavor/aroma of late hop additions, as apposed to the IBU number of bitterness. In any case, I find this useful to target which style of beers to brew based on my tastes.

I used the average IBU and OG values from the BJCP Style Guidelines. Because I used average values I would consider these rough estimates. Also, I am sure people will even say that you cant really categorize beers like this - but I think in general this characterization will hold true. The mapping of IBU and OG to taste level is from the commonly posted color coded graph: (post #10 by Revvy)

And here it is...

Category Style IBU OG Flavor
Light Lager Lite American Lager 10 30 Malty+
Standard American Lager 12 45 Malty+
Premium American Lager 20 50 Malty
Munich Helles 20 50 Malty
Dortmunder Export 25 50 Balanced
Pilsner German Pilsner 35 45 Hoppy+
Bohemian Pilsner 40 50 Hoppy+
Classic American Pilsner 30 50 Hoppy
European Amber Lager Vienna Lager 25 50 Balanced
Oktoberfest/Marzen 25 55 Balanced
Dark Lager Dark American Lager 10 50 Malty++
Munich Dunkel 25 50 Balanced
Schwarzbier 25 50 Balanced
Bock Mailbock 30 70 Balanced
Traditional Bock 25 70 Malty
Doppelbock 20 100 Malty++
Eisbock 30 100 Malty+
Light Hybrid Cream Ale 20 50 Malty
Blonde Ale 20 45 Balanced
Kolsch 25 48 Balanced
American Wheat or Rye 22 48 Balanced
Amber Hybrid Northern German Altbier 30 50 Hoppy
California Common 38 50 Hoppy+
Dusseldorf Altbier 40 50 Hoppy+
English Pale Ale Standard Bitter 30 35 Hoppy+
Special/Best/Premium Bitter 30 44 Hoppy+
Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) 40 55 Hoppy+
Scottish and Irish Ale Scottish Light 60 15 33 Balanced
Scottish Heavy 70 15 38 Malty
Scottish Export 80 22 48 Balanced
Irish Red Ale 22 52 Malty
Strong Scotch Ale 22 100 Malty++
American Ale American Pale Ale 38 52 Hoppy+
American Amber Ale 32 52 Hoppy
American Brown Ale 30 52 Hoppy
English Brown Ale Mild 18 34 Hoppy
Southern English Brown 16 38 Malty
Northern English Brown Ale 25 45 Hoppy
Porter Brown Porter 28 45 Hoppy
Robust Porter 35 58 Hoppy
Baltic Porter 30 75 Malty
Stout Dry Stout 38 44 Hoppy+
Sweet Stout 30 54 Hoppy
Oatmeal Stout 32 55 Hoppy
Foreign Extra Stout 50 65 Hoppy+
American Stout 55 58 Hoppy++
Russian Imperial Stout 70 100 Hoppy+
India Pale Ale English IPA 50 58 Hoppy+
American IPA 55 65 Hoppy+
Imperial IPA 90 80 Hoppy+
German Wheat and Rye Weizen/Weissbier 12 50 Malty++
Dunkelweizen 15 50 Malty+
Weizenbock 22 76 Malty+
Roggenbier (German Rye) 15 50 Malty+
Belgian and French Ale Witbier 15 48 Malty+
Belgian Pale Ale 25 50 Balanced
Saison 22 70 Malty+
Biere de Garde
Belgian Specialty Ale
Sour Ale Berliner Weisse 5 30 Malty++
Flanders Red Ale 18 54 Malty
Flanders Brown Ale 22 55 Malty
Straight Lambic 5 48 Malty++
Gueuze 5 50 Malty++
Fruit Lambic 5 50 Malty++
Belgian Strong Ale Belgian Blond Ale 22 70 Malty+
Belgian Dubbel 20 70 Malty+
Belgian Tripel 30 80 Malty
Belgian Golden Strong Ale 30 82 Malty
Belgian Dark Strong Ale 28 100 Malty+
Strong Ale Old Ale 45 75 Hoppy
English Barleywine 50 100 Balanced
American Barleywine 80 100 Hoppy+

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Old 03-20-2009, 10:00 PM   #9
Aug 2005
Philadelphia area
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Here is one - but consider lightening the hop load by a little bit. I came up with this one for exactly the situation you describe.
Black Diamond Brewery

Think global, drink local.

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Old 03-20-2009, 10:00 PM   #10
Dec 2008
Sunnyvale, CA
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Ouch, the formatting came out worse than I thought. What you will need to do is copy it, then instead of pasting it into Excel do Edit->Paste Special and choose Unformatted Text. Then check of Separated by 'Space'. That should fix it.

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