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so when making root beer with yeast in it to carbonate you rely on the cold temperature killing the yeast

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Originally Posted by chemman14 View Post
so when making root beer with yeast in it to carbonate you rely on the cold temperature killing the yeast
cold temps won't kill yeast, it will just slow it down or make it go dormant. once the bottles warm up, the yeast will wake up and the bottles can explode..

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IIRC - the "Pappy's sassafras" extract has had the safrole removed and is safe to make tea, rootbeer, etc.
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Anyone have any recipes they have personally tried and liked? I think I will try the CHOW one posted above if no one has any more direction.

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Great resource. Thinking about trying this. How long do you "ferment" with the yeast before putting the bottles into the fridge?

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bad coffee
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I'm going to try this one: http://www.ifood.tv/recipe/homemade_root_beer

Also, this book http://www.amazon.com/Early-American.../dp/B0006BO32E

has a bunch of good recipes

I bought the stuff a while ago, and haven't gotten around to making it. I need to get longer keg tubing before I serve it.

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Originally Posted by phished880 View Post
Check out Homebrew Chef: Home sean paxton has a recipe for a 5 gallons as well as some excellent looking "beer food"
Well, anybody try this yet?? Sounds crazy but really good. Looking up prices I found most everything for almost $90 if I buy in bulk and get a pound of each. Or I buy a 1/4 lb of each for $35. And then add shipping

So, in short, I'm looking for some overwhelming personal referrals to this if anybody has tried it before I fork over the dough.

And also, can you use the powder forms of any of these roots or would that mess up the recipe?

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Oct 2011
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Originally Posted by onipar
Great resource. Thinking about trying this. How long do you "ferment" with the yeast before putting the bottles into the fridge?
I've no experience with champagne yeast but if you use bread yeast leave it in a primary for a day. The fermentation is outright violent for several hours but it drops off fast!
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I just brewed an awesome root beer and thought I would post here for the benefit of those looking for a good recipe. This is for 5 gallons for forced carbonated root beer (you could of course easily adapt this to naturally carbonate).

The end result has a rich creamy head with very long retention, creamy mouth feel, and is not overly sweet as can result if using sugar rather than DME.

Ingredients below:

8oz Cara-Pils
8oz Flaked Oats
1lb Light DME
1 Bottle Root Beer Extract (qty may vary by supplier)
1/2 tsp Vanilla

Brew Steps:

Bring 1 gallon of water to 160 and add grains (I put mine in a grain bag which makes them easy to remove). Steep at 155 for 30 minutes (do not boil). Remove grains.

Add DME and mix well. Bring water back up to 160 and hold for 30 minutes (there is no need to boil this stuff...just need to pasteurize and mix well).

Transfer to keg (our whatever your gear dictates) add extract (again no need to boil an extract you just drive off flavor components). Top up with with cool clean water. Force carbonate at approximately 26PSI at 45F.

Pic attached of the end result -- rich, creamy and yummy!

You could also adapt this to brew a "hard" root beer by upping the gravity with DME. I have a small 1-liter test batch of this approach brewing now. I brought the OG of this test batch up to about 1.060 with DME and pitched a generic dry brewer's yeast by Coopers.
Click image for larger version

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