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Dec 2008
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The best way I can describe the taste is similar to magners hard cider but without the weird battery acid aftertaste.

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Jul 2007
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I have done this still as well, and it is quite good, but have found that it is better still after 8-12months in the back of the closet. Just cracked out a couple bottles of still I had stashed and they were amazing.

I am actually thinking of doing my next batch with closer to 5lbs of sugar than 2 to get it more in the 12% range and bottle in wine bottles to let age for a few months. I did this once with a gallon batch and it turned out really good when I used brown sugar instead of dextrose.
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Dec 2008
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The original Frankfurter "Viez" or Aeppelwoin, as they pronounce it, is still and very tart as previously described.
It's so tart that after a business trip to Frankfurt and one night drinking the stuff in a local hostelry, my stomach ulcers were back after not having had them for about 5 years previously, I blamed it on the Viez.

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Aug 2008
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I like mine still and chilled, but carbed is great too.
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Mr. Nice Guy
Jan 2008
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I just bottled my first 5 gallons yesterday. I felt like the guys on beerfest when they made the perfect beer!

Thanks Ed!

Mine was two months old and had been clear for a month. I didn't really find it to be all that dry or tart, (but it was too) it reminds me of a cross between a German white wine (I bet they use something like montrachet), a really good cider, and champagne. I actually liked it at room temp still, it had much more apple taste that way. When cold it was more like a champagne. It is funny how strong it is, I had 5 6oz portions and I was a little too buzzed, it is just so light and refreshing, seems like 3% stuff but feels more like 10%.
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