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big beers turn my gears
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I like labels that visually represent why we drink beer. Mine says fun and relaxation.
Slimer I hope this works for you.
Originally Posted by the_bird View Post
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Giggity goo.

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NOT TOO BUSY, professional looking, and fitting the beer.

the unibrau brewery has some cool labels for "end of the world" and "Cursed" beers.... Big Rock has some nice, all watercolor stuff that looks pretty sweet.
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The label will have to portray the image the brewery wants it to portray. The field is wide open after that. I have seen awesome labels on all kinds of beer, in all kinds of styles, but there are a few that just don't do it for me. And the beer might be excellent, but I'm afraid the label often gives it a bad impression if not done right. But others may very much enjoy those same labels I don't.

Generally I don't care for a label to be too "busy". OTOH, I like reading labels, so the more stuff you can print on there to read while I'm drinking, the better. I like to know more about the brewery or the beer, so that is always good.

Avant garde design is usually not my preference, but if that is the style the brewery is trying to push, then it might work for them.

Lots of breweries do their labels in similar styles across all of their beers, and some use a very simple logo design that is easy to notice among lots of beers on the shelf. Case in point, Bells Beers.

Flying Dog uses the same artwork for their beers, but the images are very different at first glance IMO. However, once you see the label, you know who's it is.

I'd get to know what the brewery's attitude about their beers is, or the attitude they wish to present to the customer. I mean, lots of beers are very similar tasting, but the label can actually be the bit that gives the beer the right appearance, not the beer itself (although a bad beer will doom it, and an excellent beer can often sell itself regardless of the label).

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Originally Posted by jesica View Post
Make your own home brew your own home bar is a great idea for anyone who wants to distinguish itself from its friends. You can get a beer bottling ordinary and write your name on the tape. When you bottle your beer, you can have a white label with your logo printed on the manuscript. But you can expand your game with a logo of your choice.
A customized logo is an necessary & important part of brand marketing strategy.
Jesica, you don't have an ulterior motive posting in all these labeling/logo threads...do you?
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Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
I like logos that are either in line art or transfer well to line art. It makes it easier to do etched glasses, silk screened shirts and vinyl graphics.
I agree. Vector is almost a must if you want to take your logo to a variety of formats. Once you work vector...

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everyone is wrong a label that represents the best beer will include the following hot women, guns, some type of fire , aliens, a dog, and maybe a picture of chuck norris if the beer can handle it.

no in all honesty i agree with homer i enjoy reading the labels and a consistency through out all of the labels help because if i like on beer im going to want another from the same brewery. hope it helps
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