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yeah... just dumping the hops is a mess. It clogs up your sutosiphon and generally makes a huge mess. The weighted hop sock is the easiest cleanup...
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Originally Posted by Homercidal View Post
I'd like to get some leaf hops at the local LHBS, but I don't have one nearby. I'm not driving 1/5 hours to get them. If I can find some online I guess I could order some. I just wondered if using a bag or something to put the pellets in the secondary was practical.
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Pellets work fine for me in the secondary, whether free or in a sanitized bag. If free, they sink to the bottom and I've had no problem siphoning...I personally think you getter a better effect with them free.

I've not used whole hops personally, but have used plugs in the secondary (without a bag)....I found it a collosal PITA to try to keep those bits out of the siphon. The net effect wasn't so bad, as most of the bits settled to the bottom of the bottling bucket and not too much ended up in the finished product, save for the last coupla bottles.

I once put a hop bag over the end of the racking cane to keep hop leaves out, but the effect of the beer straining through the bag caused it to give off enough CO2 that it would build up at the top of the racking cane and repeatedly stop the siphon. I won't be doing that again!

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I do the same as sirsloop, using a small nylon grain bag weighted down with sanitized marbles. Pellets work fine this way. Tie the bag and drop it in the secondary the last 7 days. Works great for me.

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I secondary in a cornie, and I used a trick I learned here on the site.

tie a piece of floss to the hop bag (or in my case metal "tea ball"), and then seal the top of the cornie as usual. You'll still get a pretty good seal, and you won't have to fish out the "tea ball" when you're done.

I put that in for a week, and it definitely perked up the nose of my pale ale.

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Wild Duk
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What kind of hops,,,leaf or pellet, do you use in your "tea ball". and how much can you fit in there... I'm gonna try it and need some advise.

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ahoy hoy,
The trick Ive found, that works for me anyways, is cold crashing before going to the keg or bottling carboy. I throw in pellets, let them do their thing for a week or 2, then toss the carboy into the fridge for a couple 3 days till its about 32-34 degrees, and that pesky pellet slop becomes a nice solid soil at the bottom, along with the yeast and anything else. As long as your cafeful when you rack to your keg or to the bottlling carboy, you wont even give those hops as second thought. And they do absorb juice, but not like those sponge whole hops. And I like whole hops too, mostly for prewort hopping, and any time in the boil, long as I compensate for what they will drink up.
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What I meant was that if using pellets didn't turn out to be an easy option I could shop online. Of those 4 links, only Freshops gave me the option of ordering cascade or centennial whole leaf hops by the oz. Hopsdirect was by the pound only, northcountry didn't seem to have an online shopping page, and the last one only had Fuggles as whole leaf.

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Any sanitation concerns when dry hopping whole leaf hops?
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I'll probably use the hop sack and floss idea. Barring that I'll just use fishing line and a paperclip to attach the line to the keg lid (using a hard drive magnet on the outside of the lid).
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