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Did you explain to the fire department that you're using a propane burner (explain that it's like a turkey frier so they have a basis for comparison)? The rules are often different for that vs. a campfire.

Should that fail, think about getting an electric burner. That should be fine by fire codes and will let you keep using the Blichmann for big batches.

If you get an okay from the fire dept, I would go talk to the HOA and explain that you're brewing beer (not cooking up crystal meth or something) and that home-brewing is legal in your state. Try to work with them rather than get too confrontational, but be firm in your rights. Bring a printed copy of the state law, but only show it if they ask or if they question your statement that it's legal (you don't want to seem like you came in raring for a bit battle). The WI law is at:
Barleypopmaker - Homebrewing Law in Wisconsin
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Per Jim Karr's Comment; I think that is true, try sharing. I'd be wary of open container laws though. See if there is a clubhouse you can use.

If not, make yourself a heat stick or something electric. NO FLAME!!!

Its it any consolation, I do PM's or mini-mashes in a 2 gallon thermos to stay out of Iowa's bitter cold. My mashes are always 4lbs grain then the balance is made up with extract. I get a perfect amount of boil wort. 3 gallons.
  • 1 gal dough-in
  • .8 gal mash-out (for grain absorbtion)
  • 2 gal sparge.
It make a good beer like that of an all grain. I add my extract at the last 10 min of the boil.

Pretty soon I'll be back to lugging out my burner & keggle to set-up my AG brewing system for the coming outdoor season.
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Close the garage door but leave it open just enough for any fumes to exhaust. If they cant see you then they'll think you have stopped...
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hi , i dont know the defination of open flame in your by=laws or fire codes
but i think that it means fire as in fire pit or wood fired bbq grill,if you have one of those stoves by kooker or something like that it should be ok, do people around you have bbq grills on their patos? if so keep on keepen on..brew , let them call the fire dept, neighbors dont have any real authority implied or otherwise.to stop you on your property, also you cant store propane inside.....

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Boar Beer
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Open Flame ??? mmmmm
Are Barbecue grills allowed?
Then close your burner in with a heavy wire mesh.
Or sheet metal with half inch holes punched in it and rolled to go around your burner
Some thing like that should work
Show the Neighbor that you did something to comply
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When are you moving?

You could go electric.

Closing the garage door enough is an option too

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You could also surround it (the burner) with cinder block or curved landscaping stone.
Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. - Dale Carnegie

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Googlefoo yeilds madison fire code RE: open flame In short, no open flame - including propane or charcoal bbq's within 10 ft of combustible materials, excepting single family dwelings.

I'd still probably tell them to shove it... but that's just me...

Good luck!
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Just do it indoors. I know lots of people who run a tank-fed propane burner indoors for making stews or whatnot (just DON'T fry a turkey or anything indoors). It's not dangerous provided you have a little ventilation and an assurance that nothing will tip the stand over. You can buy a cheap carbon monoxide detector for some assurance.

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Apr 2008
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Are your outside walls combustible?

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