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[QUOTE=Whisler85;1187114but dude, you live in madison- if you cant find a brew partner with a single family home or at least no HOA, i feel sorry for you

join a club, make a friend, brew together- just take your **** over there, brew, take your carboys home (or leave them there, keeps you from screwing with them)[/QUOTE]

I'm in a club, Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild (plug!). I just really like(d) the ease and comfort of brewing at home.

EDIT: this thread is out of control! Loving all the support though. HBT kicks a**!

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I hear ya, I'd be doing stove top PMs before going to brew off premises.
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Originally Posted by llazy_llama View Post
Freaking Stepford neighborhoods... Where I live, I can do whatever the hell I please, and as long as it isn't in writing somewhere that I can't do it, I'm free.

Then again, I live on a military base, or as I like to call it, a small gated community with armed guards.
what? Ive had friends who have gotten tickets because they didnt pick up the dog poop within 30 seconds of hitting the ground. Or lawn being 1/2" too long. Car parked too close to the line, this was after there was a 12" of snow on the ground
If you find yourself going through hell, keep going- Winston Churchill
Originally Posted by Tenchiro View Post
The successful have nobody to blame but themselves, I really wish they would take some responsibility for their own actions...

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I personally believe it all boils down to this:

If we all took care of all our shXt all the time, there would never be a reason for a condo association or HOA. But we don't, so there is. It's too bad some people take it upon themselves to be little Cartman respect my authority aXXholes, but it's a given in life.

My suggestion:
1) Get a copy of your association's rule book and try to find a "suitable" solution that will still let you use your current equipment
2) Research local fire laws to see if you are breaking any
3) Once familiar with HOA rules and laws, document every time you see someone else breaking them. Of course, don't be one of those dix that reported you, but if you see it out on a walk or something, document it to. My experience tells me they make a lot of dumb axx rules to get a few people on odd things, but if they were applied to everyone all the time, (BBQ grill, etc) all would be piXXed.

The world would be a better place if everyone would homebrew!!

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Jun 2008
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Most of what is wrong with the world today are people that are not happy unless they are telling someone else how to live thier lives....

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So much for a liberal Madison, huh? Damn hippies!
~~ Malted barley wants to become beer. ~~

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This thread is huge. I have a different take.

While I believe HOA can be run by neighborhood nazi's, they do have their place. Especially when the action of one person can ruin the lives of those who live around them. If I was particularly shy, and thought someone was frying turkeys in a garage that could threaten my home, I might be inclined to make a call. Turkey fryers are known to be dangerous. Even if you are careful, I think you would not want your neighbor to fire up his turkey fryer in a unit that is attached to yours. I'm not saying your HOA is run by reasonable, well-minded individuals, but the open flame indoors in attached dwellings ban may have some merit. (sorry)

It sounds like the HOA were surprised and relieved that you were only boiling water, not heating up oil to near-flash temperatures, that's probably a good sign. It would probably be wise to bring this fact up if you get any more flak. It also sounds like the HOA does not actually enforce any gas grill use outside of the garages. You could probably easily get away with using your turkey fryer outside when it warms / drys up.

I would seriously look into the electric thing. You'll probably need a couple of heatsticks if you only have access to 120V, otherwise, if your stove is 240, you could make a 240V stick and just plug into your stove outlet. From what I've seen you'll need about 4000-5000 Watts worth of heat to bring 5 gallons to a boil in a reasonable amount of time, and about 1/2 that to keep it rolling. You should be able to do this for less than $150.

Pol has a good thread on his setup in the DIY or Equipment section here.

Good luck and keep brewing!

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missing link
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Originally Posted by rocketman768 View Post
Just do it indoors. I know lots of people who run a tank-fed propane burner indoors for making stews or whatnot (just DON'T fry a turkey or anything indoors). It's not dangerous provided you have a little ventilation and an assurance that nothing will tip the stand over. You can buy a cheap carbon monoxide detector for some assurance.
The heat given off trying to bring wort to a boil will melt, singe or ruin carpet or vinyl flooring directly under the burner. It will kill grass and even make it start smoking. Just ask how I know this!!! Using a powerful burner on anything other than concrete is asking for trouble. I know some of you use them on wood decks with success but I bet that decking is extremely hot.

The rules regarding multifamily dwellings are more stringent so your neighbor can't burn your house down with his grill. In a single family home it is perfectly fine to burn your own house down.

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Dec 2008
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Originally Posted by missing link View Post
I know some of you use them on wood decks with success but I bet that decking is extremely hot.
I brewed one of my first batches on a large wooden deck and after I saw sap oozing and bubbling from a knot in the wood, I decided that maybe I was pushing my luck. I didn't want to cause any damage to my already aging deck.

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“Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can”
--Samuel Adams
Get on the board, get to know the president, bribe your neighbors. All tactics I use to bypass HoA rules all the time. So long as I don't do anything very visible from the street or to degrade my home's value (I do a lot to do the opposite actually) and bringing down community property values it is NOT anyone else's business.

+1 .. to the comment about are all the people grilling getting cease and desist letters? No? Hmm, write a nasty letter back complaining about that.

But only after calling a meeting with those said grillers, have a neighborhood bbq party, bring some home brew, get to know people and tell them the story.

Crazy guy causing problems? Have you, he or others heard of Baker Act? He started **** with me, he'd get Baker Acted until he learned to mind his own business. My personal and property rights come first. Crazy person or not, I have no sympathy for 'rabble rouser' mentality. Point blank, follow the law but the HoA can be battled with a little contemplating, perseverance and sheer will.

I had a crazy neighbor once that we had arrested several times. But that is another story..
'Insert Name Here' Brew Club (North Atlanta Metro Area)

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