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Dennis Briggs et al. (2004) Brewing Science and Practice

I am reading this now. Managed my way through the first 100 pages in 2 sittings. All I can say is;


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Screw it, I'm just going to post this.. I've gotten so many PM's.

Brewing New Technologies
Brewing Science and Practice 2004
The Complete Joy of Home Brewing
BEER Tap Into the Art and Science of Brewing
Brewing Yeast and Fermentation
Homebrew Favorites
Brew your own beer (600+ recipes)

Essays in Brewing

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Originally Posted by z987k View Post
Screw it, I'm just going to post this.. I've gotten so many PM's.


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I have about 50 books on brewing. Hands down favorites in order are:

The Brewing Handbook (2008); Goldammer (IF I COULD ONLY HAVE ONE) Does an amazing job of organizing brewing into each step and summarizes hundreds of major sources including Fix, De Clerck, Briggs, Kunze, Narsizz, Lewis and Young, etc.

Brewing, Science and Practice (2004); Briggs 878 pages. This covers virtually every part of the brewing process commercially from shipping the grain to the maltster to marketing. Very scientific but easy for most of us to understand. Many of the issues we grapple with as home brewers are dealt with and the information is applicable.

A Textbook of Brewing (2 vols)(1958 English, original in French 1947); De Clerck Although somewhat outdated it had alot of information in volume one especially that was down to earth and very practical for home brewers. Siebel has it as required reading.

How to Brew; Palmer. Does an outstanding job of simplifying for homebrewers the major issues that are addressed for big breweries in the other tomes I've listed. Just wish it was indexed better.

Handbook of Brewing (2006); Priest, ed. Consistently addresses issues not found in other major sources listed above. You can search it online free at Amazon.

Brewing (2001); Lewis and Young U.C. Davis professors who summarize what is covered in much more detail in Briggs, above.

Principles of Brewing Science (1999); Fix (more info applicable to home brewers)

Brewing(1999); Hornsey Covers brewing from a British ale perspective. Lots of practical information for us homebrewers.

Handbook of Brewing(1999); Hardwick A compendium of authors cover all relevant subjects from grain to bottling. Excellent.

Brewing, New Technologies; Bamforth, ed. The latest info on what the big guys are doing to address the issues we encounter; often with technologies way beyond our reach. Still very helpful. Bamforth has a great sense of humor.

Tap Into the Art & Science of Brewing; Bamforth. Simplified version for everyman.

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Brew Chem 101 is pretty lame

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If anyone wants an advanced, scientific book of brewing based on chemistry then check out Beer: Quality, Safety and Nutritional Aspects, Baxter and Hughes. Kind of intimidating but intriguing.

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Originally Posted by z987k View Post
Screw it, I'm just going to post this..

Wow, I realize this is a couple months old, but I just found this and all I can say And thanks!

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Thanks for the info. I'd like to read some in-depth books on brewing, not just how to brew.

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Originally Posted by z987k View Post
Screw it, I'm just going to post this.. I've gotten so many PM's.


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I've heard some recommendations for Michael Lewis's Brewing, 2nd Edition. I believe this is used as a textbook for some university brewing programs. Any opinions on this one? I just ordered it.

I've read his Essays in Brewing Science (2006), and loved it.

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