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Jan 2006
The Middle East
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I was a film major back in college (alright, I was video production with a film minor...) and, although I've studied the classics, the indies and everything in between, I have some guilty pleasures.

One of these is BeerFest. I love to, especially on a Friday night after work, sit down with a Homebrew or other good beer, some sort of grilled meat and fried potato and watch this movie before going out. It really gets me in the mood to drink beer and have fun all night.

I've often wondered, are there any other movies out there like this? I can only think of one other which is Strange Brew. That movie's alright, but are there any movies closer to the tone of BeerFest? Are there any other good drinking movies?
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Aug 2008
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Haha I love this movie too!

You asked about drinking movies. This has nothing to do with homebrew but try it sometime: Rent "The 10 Commandments" and drink a shot of the cheapest wine you can find (we used Franzia) everytime someone says "Moses."

If you want to go insane, drink everytime they say "God" also.
Originally Posted by chefmike

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Feb 2009
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Smokey and the Bandit.

Hard to imagine paying that much money to smuggle Coors to the east coast. Thank god for the selection we have these days!
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Jan 2009
LaGrange, IL
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walk hard: the dewey cox story

always a good laugh and songs you can sing to

if you are feeling adventurous and want to spend less at the bars, take a drink of beer every time "dewey", "cox", or "dewey cox" is said and finish your beer every time someone is cut in half with a machete. good times.

i'm sure other recent college grads can add light on this subject.

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Nov 2007
Grand Ledge, Mich
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Superbad is probably my new favorite and a couple recent ones Ive seen are College and Sex Drive. Sex Drive is possibly one of the funniest movies ive ever seen especially when Seth Green makes his apperance.

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Sep 2007
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Id say my favorite to drink to is Beerfest. I agree with Skewedale, there is just something about sitting down with a big steak and a mug of Spaten and putting that movie in the dvd player that is awesome. I also like getting a 4 pack, or more, of Murphy's Irish Stout, or Beamish and watching Boondock Saints! Thats a kick ass movie. Watching Good Will Hunting makes me want to drink beer too.

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Matt Up North
Jul 2008
Santa Rosa, CA
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I just saw Tropic Thunder and thought man, that **** is funny. You really have to think of it from the point of Robert Downey Jr. though as he is just so deep into it that the entire movie becomes over the top rediculous. I watched it twice just to make sure that it was as crazy as I thought, and each time I sat down with a growler of hombrew!

But when I want to get my drink on with a good movie, I go with Super Troopers, Beerfest, Office Space or Old School. Office Space holds that special spot although the others are great as well.

Hamlet 2 aslo just seen and it is crazy as well!
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Feb 2009
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Originally Posted by Matt Up North View Post
Hamlet 2 aslo just seen and it is crazy as well!
+1 on Hamlet 2. Hilarious!

Not sure about drinking movies, but here in Salt Lake we have a great place to drink AT the movies. Brewvies is a "Cinema Pub" where the rows of seats in the theater have a long table in front of it. You can order food and beer before you sit down and they will bring it to you right at your seat. They play great classic comedies on their cheap night, when admission is only like $2 or something. Very cool concept and I love going in every month or so.

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Feb 2008
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Tropic Thunder is hilarious! Especially when you realize that the writers are making fun of all of the stereotypical actors and their personalities. Beerfest was funny, but no all that great IMO.

We watched Hot Fuzz the other night and laughed our asses off. Those guys are good.

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Jan 2008
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+1 Hot Fuzz.

I thought, by the title, this was going more toward Cinema's that serve beer.

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