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Nov 2008
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Is there any recipe that you always keep around, either for yourself or for guests (these might well be different things)?

I have had great luck with BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde for most of my guests. I'm new to brewing, but so far I haven't found the perfect beer for me to keep on tap - I keep wanting to try different things.

Edit: also Apfelwein for the non beer drinkers.

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Dec 2008
Western MA
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No specific recipe. But my left tap always has a stout or porter and my right tap always has an IPA or pale ale. Anything different is in the 3rd keg and comes out of the picnic tap.
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Brandon O
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Jun 2008
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Yes, I like apple cider.

4 gallons apple juice, 2lbs light DME.

steep 12oz of crystal 10L and 1 oz torrified wheat at 155 for 30 mins in 1 gallon of water then discard grains.

Combine all ingrediants in the carboy and pitch nottingham yeast.

Best apple cider recipe so far. Lately I am seeing what amber DME and Dark DME will do.

I also have had centennial blonde on tap, i have found subbing the cascade for summit hops give it a tangerine taste. I prefer it that way.

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Feb 2008
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Nope. I had IPA on tap from a brewpub, then I put on some Wit and there is some apfelwein there too, but my keg system is not quite complete, so that sits on the floor with a picnic tap, but really isn't being drank right now.

My problem is that I like beer that my beer-drinking friend does not enjoy, so I'm basically the only one who drinks it. I'm thinking about making a cascade pale ale like the point brewery version I tasted this weekend. Not as strong as an IPA, but still good hop flavor and lower alcohol. It's just yet another beer I have to choose from to brew next.

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Feb 2005
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Just whatever's next in line...
HB Bill

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big beers turn my gears
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May 2008
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Originally Posted by Brandon O View Post

I also have had centennial blonde on tap, i have found subbing the cascade for summit hops give it a tangerine taste. I prefer it that way.
I thought you might find that tasty.
Originally Posted by the_bird View Post
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Dec 2007
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Only 2 taps but always an APA or IPA on tap.

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Aug 2008
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an APA cant go wrong with an solid APA...everyone can drink that

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Dec 2007
Verona, WI
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I usually have some sort of apfelwein variant on tap and now that I am getting into AG I plan to keep some sort of Scottish ale on tap at all times. About 1 week away from kegging Midwest's Scottish Light Ale. I'm still waiting on my AHS Scottish Session Ale to mellow, otherwise that would be on tap. It had peated malt in it and I don't think I am a fan of that.

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Jul 2007
Bryan, Texas
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I try to keep my "kolsch" recipe on tap all the time, but it disappears so quickly, and because of the cereal mash and high % adjuncts, its almost a PITA to brew... compared to some other brews that is...

Other than that, I try to stay somewhat seasonal with my other taps, but it all depends on what I feel like brewing/drinking next.
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