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So my heatpump died... as evidenced by the $300 electric bill I received last month. (Yes, I know, those of you with gas heat probably don't envy me in my all-electric condo.)

Background: Outside unit is 14 years old, inside air handler is 30 years old. Sucks for me to be the owner of this place now, right?

With the help of my girlfriend's brother-in-law we find that the outside unit had a leak and the compressor let go - after running out of gas, instead of tripping off it was just happy as can be to start pulling vacuum from the atmosphere and sucking all that moisture in. Woo hoo.

Bottom line... time to replace the whole system. So, $6700 later, I have a new unit on hand and honestly it is really nice. I am almost instantly happier with the variable speed air handler... no longer is one side of my basement 62 while the other side of my 1st floor is 75.

Good News: I had the cash on hand.

Bad News: Besides being a lot of beer, the cash was a lot of saving over the past year intended to purchase an engagement ring for the girlfriend. I don't suppose she can just take pictures of the furnance and show her friends?

I'm just venting a bit... such is the price of home ownership - and honestly, up until this year I haven't had to put a dime in to this place since I moved in. But losing the garbage disposal, the hot water tank, and the heat pump in the past 30 days is a bit discouraging.
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that sucks man. such is the price of owning anything. I can't relate with the costs of home owner ship but I did just spend $350 on two tires. nothing grinds my gears more than unforeseen costs of ownership.

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wow man.. sounds like deja vu...

we just replaced our heatpump, that was under warranty just two days ago.. the exact same thing happened to us, except the hole was in the coil. The lines were bad, the compressor was bad, so they got us a whole new unit...

the worst part is, the unit was 3 years old, and we had been their for 9 months..

but like i said, the warranty covered the unit.. all we had to do was fork up the installation costs.. $2,000.00

We had gotten our tax return the same day we paid for this.. lol

good luck!

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