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The description of the hurricane burner states that it is 60,000 BTUs at 1 psi. Does this mean that it is going to use less propane than another burner? Thanks.


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BTU is the input rate. Yes, a 60,000 BTU burner will use half much propane as a 120,000 btu burner assuming both are at max rate.

This means your tank will last longer, but you don't have as much power available to boil with. 50-75k BTU is a good range for 5 gal boils but depends of the efficiency, kettle design, wind, etc.
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I have been trying to determine exactly why the Hurricane would be more expensive (including the regulator and stand) than the Bayou Classic (both available at homebrew stores). Which is better/ more preferable and for what reasons? I did some thread searching but couldn't come up with a definitive answer. Thanks!

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I don't think you will find a definative answer. I posted this question on a couple of other threads, but had no luck. I am building a single tier propane fired system and was trying to decide which burner to buy. I read as many of the threads as I could. From what I can tell, it depends on what the author has. Almost no one will say they made a mistake on burners (pumps, stands, etc....). They will modify what they have until it suits/surpasses their needs (which is a great trait of the HB's). Having said that, I just took delivery of the following:
2 x High Pressure 0-30-PSI Adjastable Regulator-7850 (BY7850) $49.90
2 x High Pressure Cast Iron Banjo Burner-BG14 (BYBG14) $67.92

Sub Total: $117.82
Shipping: $17.66
Total: $135.48

As you can see, the regulators cost more than the burners. I'll let you know when I fire it up how long it takes to boil 5gal., 10gal. However, that won't be for a few days. HTH, Luck - Dwain

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I have the regular old cast iron burners. I don't think they even have a name. (It kinda looks like a bugle pointed up.) They are rated at 170,000 BTU, I have never been able to turn them up all the way except on the HLT. I picked them up from Agrisupply for $8 ea. no stand. More money doesn't always mean better. These have been abused, left out in the rain, wort boiled on to them, dropped and they still function great. 3 burners, 1 hi pressure reg and hose(Agrisupply also), a black iron pipe manifold and 3 valves under $50. When I first used them I used old metal milk crates as stands with crossbars welded in for burner mounting. They are currently being installed on my latest build (brew trailer). I was given a jet burner and still prefer these.
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Quality control for Bayou is pretty poor. Ordered one, received a banged up bent - missing screws burner & frame. Good thing about Amazon is how easy it is to return.

Ordered a Hurricane burner today and if quality is better I don't mind paying more. Will be using the Nat Gas valve to run it. Not in a big rush to boil my water/wort so a few extra minutes on a brew day is cool with me.

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