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I have several batches of ale under my belt, but no cider.

What we have on hand is several half gallon mason jars of apple juice that my ML (maw-in-law) gave us. What she did was peel and core the fresh apples and made apple sauce with the meat.

Then boiled the peels and canned the juice from that in two quart jars and gave that to us.

My wife has made a boat load of jelly, yet we still have more.

What is a man to do? Yea, U got it, fermint....oh, I forgot, we still have some muscadine juice need to do something with that too.

I'm thinking with the apple juice just add some safale 04 and let it ride in a gallon jug (with plug & air lock) & see what happens...will be several single gallons, all of my 5 gallon pales and carboys are full...

What about muscadine juice? Just add some yeast? What kind? Some say Champagne...what say you?
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