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Crash 2006
Mar 2008
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Is it aright to have a little mold on wheat extract? I mean when I open up the container sometimes there is a little bit of mold growing on the top surface about the size of a dime in maybe three or four spots. I have bought at least three containers from the local shop this way. I bring it home and it is there right when I open it... It does not sit around my place more then a hour in the fridge before it ends up getting used.

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Oct 2006
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As long as you boil it, it'll likely be fine. However I personally would not tolerate moldy extract and I would bring it up to the store.
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Jun 2008
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ya it should not be moldy, don't think it will hurt you tho.

mention it to the store owner if he doen't seem concerned order online.
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If you purchased it recently, then take it back. Otherwise, scoop the mold off with a spoon and use like normal. You're boiling it, so it won't hurt you.
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I have never seen mold on extract in twenty years. Find another supplier asap. Back in my extract days, I would buy in bulk and keep a pail around for a "while". Pouring a litlle vodka on top of the extract can help to keep the bugs at bay. Also keeping it cold will delay spoilage.

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its fine... scrape off and use. Next time use a different supplier.
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Old 03-01-2009, 12:06 AM   #7
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I'd also use a different supplier. Unless the extract you get comes pre-packaged (e.g. in cans), it's a good idea to keep it in the fridge to slow down any life what may be trying to establish itself in it.

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Old 03-02-2009, 11:41 PM   #8
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Maybe I am the exception but I would not use it, period. If you take the mold off of a loaf of bread, you can still taste that "penicillin" taste all though the loaf. Why would it be different with malt extract? I have to think you are risking some nasty flavors, even with boiling.

And the mold toxins (their "excretions") might still be toxic after boiling, even if the mold itself is dead.

But I concede that I might be over-cautious.

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Feb 2009
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Originally Posted by SteveM View Post
And the mold toxins (their "excretions") might still be toxic after boiling, even if the mold itself is dead.
The only baddies that leave something after they're done that's bad for you is C. Botulinum, and that is destroyed by boiling. That's irrelevant though- I wouldn't use the stuff either. If I bought a loaf of bread, brought it home, and the outer two slices were already moldy- I'd take that stuff back immediately. There's no point in tolerating it from your brew supplies if you wouldn't tolerate it on your food.
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