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Dec 2005
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This will be my 3rd batch all grain. I'm pretty new around here, first-time post.

Anyway, my first two batches were from kits. I made a drive to my LHBS yesterday and picked up ingredients to brew my own recipes. Just noticed that the base malt he gave me was Briess Pale Ale when I had asked for (and my recipes state) a base 2-row domestic malt. I just checked the Briess website and they look pretty similar. In the specs, the Pale Ale malt color is 3.5 while the 2-row domestic is 1.8.

My question is... can I use these interchangeably for my base malt or should I drive back (it's about 1.5 hr round-trip as I'm in the boonies) and swap out??? I'm just learning all grain, but for the next few beers I'll be brewing up some American style IPAs. Will the pale ale malt work as a base malt? How will this change the beer?

Thanks in advance.

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Nov 2005
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I wouldn't bother driving back for more grain. The difference in colour is hard to detect, even side by side. If you are adding any other grains that will darken the beer, and I'm sure you are as you're making an APA, the difference will be wiped out completely.

Some might argue that a pale malt is more suitable for an APA anyway.

Don't worry about it.

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The Breiss is usually a little more expensive, so if they charged you American 2-row, you got a deal.

Back to the difference, like Mikey said, the color is only slightly darker. Unless you're trying to make a very pale pilsner, the difference will probably not be noticable.
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Old 06-23-2006, 10:49 PM   #4
Dec 2005
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Thanks for the info guys... that's sort of what I was thinking, just wanted to be sure. I'll go ahead and get going on the starter tonight and will brew tomorrow!

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Beer Snob
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Dec 2005
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Yeah the color is not much of an issue... how are you mashing? Can Briess Pale Ale be infused like 2 row? I saw it at my LHBS and almost got it myself.....

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Old 06-24-2006, 03:49 AM   #6
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Yeah you can use it just like normal two row. Just watch out if you are using alot of adjucts. The pale ale malt will make it a little heavier too.
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Since it is high kilned, you'll have a slightly maltier flavor. I wouldn't use it for an ale with a lot of adjuncts, but for a Pale, no problem.
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