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Jan 2009
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Sometime this summer, I'll be leaving for Iraq for 6 months or so. Not my choice, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Because of this, I figure I'll have a nice little experiment. I plan on brewing 6 different recipes, and brewing each of these twice. One of which I will drink, sample, and critique as soon as it's drinkable. The second batch will bulk age in secondary for nearly a year while I'm away. After speaking with Forrest at Austin Homebrew I have decided on the following 6 recipes. Disclaimer: I don't yet have the equipment for all grain, so all of these will be extract brews. When I get back, I should have funding enough to go AG as well as invest in a kegging system. All of the following brews will be straight from AHS, and brewed as per the instructions. The only modification I will make is 1 tsp of Irish Moss in the IPA and the Belgian. All brews will use the recommended White Labs yeast, and I will double up on the mead and barley wine.
  1. Sweet Traditional Mead (should be interesting, I've never tasted mead)
  2. American Barley wine (high expectations on this one aged!)
  3. Steamroller Stout (Forrest has a lot of pride in this particular recipe. He says that it will age extremely well, to the point of being almost two different beers)
  4. Robust Porter
  5. Devil's Brew Belgian Ale
  6. Double IPA

Feel free to post any questions, comments, concerns, or just a good old fashioned epileptic banana. I'll keep you updated.
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Sounds like a great experiment. Good time to do some serious aging while you are away.
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Jan 2009
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Thank you for your service.

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Displaced MassHole
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Sounds like a great idea I whish I had done that prior to my two deployments over there.

I have a buddy that's gonna be heading to Iraq for a year and was planning on throwing him a going away/brewing party then saving the beer to have him tap it as soon as he gets back.

I think you'll have the best result on the aged mead and barleywine. Those are gonna be awesome when you get back.

Good luck over there and come home safe!
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Jan 2009
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Nice, hope it works and you get to enjoy every drop of it! Thanks
OK, this is cool?

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definitely thanks for the service!
And good thinking getting some agers going while you're gone.
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I'm not a fan of aging IPAs. The best characteristics usually come from them being fresh. Sure, historically the higher alcohol and hops were included to help them on long trips, but these days, it seems like a waste of hops to me. Other than that, it sounds cool.

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Dec 2008
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good luck man my buddys heading back over there soon too.

You should also add in a 5 gallon batch of Apfelwein and let it age for 6 months. I have heard that it gets real good with age.

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Feb 2009
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I would add in a Ed Worts(sp?) apfelwein to that mix, other then that sounds like a great plan.

Hope you get back safe and sound. Remember incoming rounds have the right of way at all times. And its not so much the round with your name on it, its all the ones labled 'to any sender' that i would worry about.

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Agree on the IPA probably not tasting as good by then as it would after only a few weeks, but I bet it's still pretty darn good. This is an excellent experiment and I hope you take careful notes about all. It could make for some very interesting reading.

Hey, I have an idea, why not send me a bottle or two of each and I can taste them for you in about 6 months time! That way you have even more data!

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