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Jan 2009
Allegan, Mi
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My daughter is 19 months, so that means 19 months of the most challenging and rewarding job I've ever had. But my wife and I knew going in that a lot of sacrifice would be needed for one of us to stay home with the kid. For instance, I so want to move on from Mr. Beer but I have to wait till money frees up, (I'm hoping once she's out of diapers, some of that money could be put toward my new obsession).

Anyways I was just curious to know how many men decided to stay home with kids, and if maybe you might have some tips for a noob.

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Nov 2007
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Well Im kinda a stay at home dad, I wake up at 8:00am with my son and take care of him until 5:00pm when I go to work.I get done at 2:00am and do it all over again. Once you dont have diapers anymore it definately frees up a lot of money. You could easily do extract batches on the stove while your kids are taking a nap as well as bottle and other things.

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May 2008
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I'm part-time, too. Stay at home in the mornings with my 4 yo before she goes to daycare for the afternoon and I go to work or work from home.

I didn't start brewing until my kids were 3 and 5 so I don't have any decent tips. I'm with riclark, though, on being able to get some brewing related stuff done when the kid is napping.

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Apr 2008
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Get her out of diapers, and on to real food, and you'll be surprised at how much time AND money free up !
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Brewing Clamper
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Apr 2006
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I've been a SAHD for 4 years now. My youngest is 10 Mo. and I totally love doing it. I only wish I could get some vacation days... alone! !!

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Mar 2007
Tri-Cities, WA
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I stay at home with my almost 12 month old daughter. I used to brew any day of the week, now I brew less often and only on weekends.

I think I could probably squeeze and extract batch in during the week, but I've got enough beer in kegs that I'm not hurting to extend the pipeline

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Jun 2007
abingdon, virginia
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i'm a sahd of 3 girls. Oldest is finally in public school. Full time. Brewing is my only solace cuz I've figured out how to do it with minimal effort so I can brew with the kids here. I also visit as popodopolus - lots of cool dads there who brew and lots more who don't.

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Jim Karr
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Dec 2005
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I've stayed at home mornings to school my two kids from their very first day in kindergarten. Ben is now in eighth grade, probably will go to private school for high school. Chelsea is in her sophomore year at private school, but I homeschooled her through eighth grade too.

Most men don't have any idea what a blessing it is to spend this much time (on a regular, planned basis) with their kidlets.

I heard/read a statistic once that most fathers have a grand total of the equivalent of ninety days of time spent with their kids while the kids are at home, growing up. I wanted to be the opposite of that concept!

I have always had an afternoon job, when school is over for the day.
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Feb 2008
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I was hurt on the job and started collecting my pension @34 years old from the PD. We had 3 kids and it made more sense for me to stay home with them and my wife went back to work . After the youngest got into HS I went back to work ...
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Jan 2009
Allegan, Mi
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Originally Posted by Brewing Clamper View Post
I've been a SAHD for 4 years now. My youngest is 10 Mo. and I totally love doing it. I only wish I could get some vacation days... alone! !!
I hear ya man! Definitely the longest hours I've ever worked!

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