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Jan 2009
Philadelphia, South Jersey
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I have had a request to brew a pineapple beer and have not been able to find a recipe out there. I was wondering if anybody has one or is there a reason why there are not any? (Off flavor?)


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Jan 2009
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you could run the risk of killing your yeast using fresh pineapple the acids might be to stong. as a cook i was taught to never use the fresh while marination because the acids will eat right though the meat (its kind of cool). i dont know about how strong yeast is. you best bet would be to use canned pineapple cause it is already cooked in the can.

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Jan 2009
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It would be a pretty simple matter to make maybe a light wheat beer and toss in some fruit extract before bottling.
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Feb 2009
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I think a Pineapple Beer could be kinda cool. Let me know if you work it out!
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I made a pineapple wit that works great! The pineapple comes out a bit later, interestingly. I think when I make this again, I'll secondary and put half the pineapple in the primary and half in the secondary to get more flavor up front. It's definitely very tasty!

0.5 lb carapils

6 lb wheat LME
3 lb amber LME

.5 oz. Hallertauer (60 min)
.25 oz. Cascade (20 min)
.25 oz. Hallertauer (20 min)

WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale Yeast

1/4 tsp crushed coriander (5 min)
2 cans crushed pineapple in juice, no sugar added

Steep grain 30 mins @ 150-160. At 200 degrees, add amber LME. Begin boil. Boil bittering hops for 60 mins. Add remaining LME with 15 mins remaining. Add coriander with 5 mins remaining. Add pineapple just prior to flame out.

Bottle immediately after fermentation is complete, 7-10 days. Use 5 oz dextrose to prime.
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Dec 2008
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Boil the Pineapple juice with a red chili until it is infused enough to be able to taste the chili and it stops the enzymatic action that it has on proteins. Tinned pineapple can also be used. Check out Heston Blumenthal and Pineapple jelly, it was previously not thought possible with fresh pineapple as it broke down the protein in the gelatin.

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Apr 2008
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Brew a Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA clone...that beer was so sweet out of the bottle that I felt like I was drinking a port mixed with pineapple juice. Certainly didn't taste like an IPA!

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Jan 2015
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Bromelain is the powerful enzyme in pineapple that can tear through meats. For this reason it's even sold as supplement for folk who have difficulties digesting tough foods. Fortunately for brewers, this enzyme denatures at 70 degrees C (158F). When I've added pineapple I steam the cut up chunks for 10 minutes to make sure the material is heated through. This minimizes the extra water that would either go into the fermentor from boiling or else you run the risk of losing a lot of sugar and flavors if the boiled fruit is strained.

And don't toss the steamed liquid! That stuff is delicious (especially with a teaspoon of cayenne!!

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Jan 2011
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Whenever I buy a pineapple, I simmer the pineapple core, leftover fresh mint and/or basil, and something light like white tea or green tea. The acids cook out during the simmer and you're left with a mildly sweet herbal tea. Cool it down and you have one of the most refreshing drinks ever. The pineapple and herb flavor remains prominent in the final drink.

I would imagine using this ^ as a base for a short boil, pale extract recipe would yield surprising results. Pair it with compatible late boil and dryhops and a clean yeast.


30 minute boil
1.057 OG
Focus on Extra Light Pale DME and Wheat DME
2% Honey malt

20 IBUs at boil start
Add pineapple at 10 minutes left in the boil
Add fresh herbs and tea at flameout
Add a huge hopstand and follow up with an even larger dryhop (Citra, Centennial, Amarillo)

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May 2012
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with 95% of fruit out there if you want to add it to a beer, then carry on as normal for the beer and then add/rack onto it after primary fermentation has slowed/stopped. Let fermentation finish on the new sugar you have just added(in fruit form) and then bottle.

Not all fruits are created equal, some will give you loads of flavor in relatively small amounts(.5 pounds per gallon or so is what I'm calling low) and some will require a lot of fruit to give you flavor.

Some fruits will also fade in the bottle fast than others.

Despite the strong acidity pineapple provides(in good and bad ways) I have found in the camp of needs quite a bit to add flavor, and fades relatively quickly.

I recently put part of a barrel pull of lambic on pineapple(3 pounds for 2.5 gallons) The pineapple flavor is there, but mostly in the finish. Way less pungent than any other fruit I have used.

I used frozen processed pineapple from the grocery store with no additional treatment. I personally like the simplicty and predictability of store bought frozen fruits. Buying fresh fruit, especially out of season, is a crap shoot.

If you wanted to use fresh pineapple I would just chunk it up and freeze it prior to adding it to the secondary to break down cell walls.

As for all this cooking and chiles and whatever...Any cooking or pasteurization will only result in detriment to the flavor of almost all fruits, this would likely hold especially true for a delicate fruit like pineapple.

I have witnessed no negative effect from the enzyme is however quite useful for Tacos al Pastor.

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