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Since Mac OS/X runs on freebsd you have to watch out for UNIX viruses. A typical one is the HONOR worm. You will see a message:

This is the HONOR virus. On your honor as a geek, send this to your mail list and randomly delete 42 files on your sytems. DO IT NOW, WORM!

Remember one unassailable statistic, as explained by the late, great George Carlin: "Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!"

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Chairman Cheyco
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Originally Posted by david_42
42 files

Hmmm... coincidence?

Once the wind has been broken, it cannot be fixed.
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You know, Macs are made with the Intel chip now, and are being heavily advertised as dual booting with Windows. Just sayin', if you really needed Windows you could buy a mac and have the best of both worlds.
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The ultimate conversion????

I thought for a minute you were becoming a Hare Krishna.

Or becoming a chick
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Originally Posted by Brewsmith
I'm kinda half way into a full time music job(s). I have a regular 9-5 (where I am right now) but I also teach some music lessons (guitar, bass, and brass), and I am part-time staff at my church doing just about everything music. This fall I am starting to work on my teaching credential at Cal State Long Beach, and I'll probably start my masters next fall. I have a BA in Music Theory and Composition, and Commercial Music. How long have you been at Kansas State? Your position seem about exactly what I want to do.
Where/when did you do your undergrad degree? Not very many music schools give degrees with a "commercial music" emphasis--that's why I'm asking.

If you're shooting toward academic positions, I can give you lots of ideas about what gets a foot in the door. Unfortuantely, it's insanely competitive: all college/university music positions are, but theory/comp is the most competitive sub-specialty.

I'd be interested in talking more about what you've been doing and what your plans are. I'm always interested in ways that people who get theory/comp degrees use them and/or manage to make a living, since my students (aqnd especially their parents) are justifyably concerned about that.

I've been at K-State for four years: I was at Iowa State for several years before that. I like K-STate: the way the department is set up, I get to spend more time teaching the things I most enjoy teaching, and the department and I agree that composition is my primary "creative output" (i.e. tenure and promotion earning activity). Plus we like Manhattan better than Ames. (That's part and parcel of this career path--you have to go where the jobs are, even if they're in not-very-sexy places.)

PM me or e-mail me at if you want to talk more.

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andre the giant
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I always love a good mac vs. PC debate. I've been using macs since 1994 and the operating system has just been getting better and better. Whenever I have to edit a video on our PC based Avid system, I find myself praying for a quick death instead. Part of that is the Avid interface, which I find to be cumbersome, awkward, and needlessly complex... sort of like the Windows interface. Granted, the system works, but it isn't nearly as seamless, stable, or logical as Mac OSX and Final Cut Studio.

IMO, The most limiting factor of the Mac has always been the processor speed. But with the new Intel based computers, that is no longer a problem. Add to that the fact that you can set the computer up as a dual boot system and run Windows if you need to.... That's a real plus. If you go this route though... be aware that the machine is susceptable to Windows viruses, so you'll need to invest in some virus protection.

I have a lot of respect for PCs, and for Windows. Much in the same way that I have respect for Budweiser. Unfortunately, both Microsoft and Bud put out bland products that are consumed in mass quantities by millions of people who don't realize that there is something better out there.
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I bought the system yesterday. Here's what I bought:

Mac G5 dual 2.3Ghz
Logic Audio Pro 7.0 - recording & sequencing software
Finale 2006 - music notation software
MOTU 896HD - 8 channel audio interface
MOTU Midi Express XT - 8x8 midi interface

My garage will now be a combo brewery and recording studio!

If it only had a bathroom I'd never leave!
When I get it all up and running I'll post some pics.
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Originally Posted by the_bird
I had to *delete all my porn* before the wife went looking to make space on the hard drive and found it. Aigh.
No! No you din-uh! All of it? Really? That's up your children? What man should be forced to make such a decision. Buy yourself an external HD or BACK IT UP ON DVD. Or, do like I did a long time ago: put it in a folder called Zappa Videos. My wife hates Zappa.

PM me if you need some replacements. I can burn you a disc that'll keep you satisfied for a few weeks.
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Oh, I have a bunch of stuff saved on CD, and of course the assorted DVD/VHS collection. There was a stash of older stuff that had to go. Too dangerous in my experience to keep stuff on the hard drive.

Besides, porn is like beer.

A. It's lots of fun to find something new.
B. It should be consumed while it's fresh. Pornography has a limited shelf life; in fact, I think it should come with a "Porn-On" date.

Appeciate the offer, though. A PM with a few favorite sites would be appreciated (I trust your taste)...

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