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Does anyone know where I can find a chart/table/listing of the extract potential range for individual grains? I'm mainly looking for the SG values if at all possible.

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The approximate potential is given in software programs such as Beersmith but individual batches vary. Looking for any one in particular?
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Try Malts Chart - Home Brewing Wiki


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How to Brew - By John Palmer - Table of Typical Malt Yields
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Brew Your Own: The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine - Grains and Adjuncts Chart

I use charts to give a rough estimate, but I prefer to then go to malt analysis if possible. It is probably not all that useful, but I like to do so.

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Beersmith and those other links don't always have the correct SG potential for the specific grain you're using. I like to go right to the source...the maltster. Get the Fine Grind Dry Basis % and the moisture content % to calculate what 100% extraction would be for that certain grain. Also, for corn sugar, beersmith lists it as 1.046...the stuff at my lhbs is 1.040 when you put a pound of it in a gallon of water.

For example, Briess Pale Ale Malt

Extract FG, Dry Basis = FGDB = 80.0%
Moisture = MC = 4%


SG = 1 + (((FGDB/100)*((100-MC)/100)*46)/1000)
= 1 + ((.800*((100-4)/100)*46)/1000)
= 1.0353 for 100% extraction

In a spreadsheet, I calculate what 100% would be and compare that to the gravity sample after lautering. Also, when taking your volume measurement after lautering to use in your efficiency calculation, keep in mind that water expands as it is heated. For example, 9 gallons of water at 68F heated to 170F (mashout) will be ~9.107 gallons which will change your efficiency calculation by 1%.
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Reason: Updated Briess link and math

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I use the following site, they have every malt from just about every malster. There is also a great listing of hops and their subs.

Brewers Supply Group

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