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May 2009
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I just noticed it was updated. Most of the recent requests were included.

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Again this a great program, however, would there be a chance to get priming sugars added to the carbonation page? Not everyone kegs.
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Also, I appreciate the FWH feature but with my 90min boils, it does not seem to calculate the same for 90min and FWH. Is it assuming 60 min boil? or is there something else I'm missing.

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Oct 2008
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Darn on the ipod touch i need 3.0 software now. Thats $10 for me

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Jan 2009
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You can blame a nice summer so far on my terrible reply skills Here goes:

- Jonnio:

I'm working on BeerXML import/export for 1.6, which will hopefully be submitted to the App Store by the end of this month (or early next).

- ohrinet:

Sorry about the dry yeast disappearing! This was an OS 3.0 issue, and was fixed in 1.5.5.

As you mentioned in a followup, push notifications requires a server backend and isn't really worth it for something like Brew Pal. Quite a bit of development/upkeep on my end...

I added an option to use Jackie Rager's IBU formulation instead of the default (<1.5.5) of using Glenn Tinseth. Does that address your problem, or are the IBU calculations still off? The values should be very close to other programs that use the same formulas. FWIW, the hop AA can be adjusted by 0.1% increments in 1.5.5.

- weirdboy:

Many people have asked about a bottle priming calculator... I definitely think it's a tool that should be in there, so I will see what I can do for 1.6.

I'll look at reworking volumes and efficiency, can't really give you a time estimate, other than "after 1.6"... I've got quite a list for 1.6 already, and I'm just one dude with a full time day job

The recipe name you are editing in "live edit" mode is now displayed in the Load/Save tab (1.5.5). When you exit the program and come back, you are no longer in "live edit" mode, so unfortunately you won't see the name of the last recipe you loaded. That would require keeping track of whether or not any changes have been made since the recipe was loaded, which isn't doable right now. I've added it to my list for future updates.

Would a better export with more information meet your needs for a log/journal, rather than saving time-dependent parameters with each recipe? That way you could load the base recipe, make any changes for a particular brew day and export that.

Regarding the timer--I added the option to put your wort chiller into the boil at 15min. Additions should show up on the timer wheel as well. Is this what you're after, or something else...?

Not sure about the color calculations being off, I'm using the standard SRM equations. Maybe the grain properties need tweaking?

- HarkinBanks:

Brew Pal will never be more than $0.99

I'm working on a help/tutorial/webpage update, but frankly I just haven't had the time lately! This will be part of the 1.6 update.

iPhone development is done in Xcode, which includes an iPhone emulator. It is a one-way street though, Xcode can compile and run in the simulator, but applications from the iPhone can't get "back" onto your Mac, sorry... plus the Brew Pal UI was designed from the ground up for the iPhone/iPod Touch and wouldn't translate too well to a desktop application.

- bdavanza:

As above, the dry yeasts are back in 1.5.5 (oops!)

FWH is calculated as though it were a 20-min addition, as per
First Wort Hopping (FWH) ::: Brew365 - Homebrewing Recipes and Articles Daily
whether you boil for 60 min or 90 min shouldn't affect the IBU contributions of the FWH.



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Aug 2008
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Cool I must have missed the .5.5 update from 1.5.
I was unaware of the FWH's ~20 minute thing. Odd I will have to do more research.

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Jul 2009
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Originally Posted by nurlabys View Post the Brew Pal UI was designed from the ground up for the iPhone/iPod Touch and wouldn't translate too well to a desktop application.
First, from both an aspiring iPhone developer and fellow homebrewer, bravo on the app. I just picked this up the other day and have already converted a guy at work to both an iPhone user and a home brewer (he'd been talking to be a while about home brewing and has been on the fence about the iPhone. The app set him over the edge.)

I bought this app after searching this forum for brewing software for my Macbook. When I saw this, it was an absolute must get because it is much easier to have my phone w/ me on brew-days (every weekend, with an occasional Wednesday added). Much easier than trying not to spill water on my laptop.

However, when I'm just hanging out on my desk researching on the web, I find myself wanting a software solution on my laptop. Hence I was looking for a brew pal client for my normal computer. Just a note here, I'd pay extra (as much as what it costs for that brew smith app) for a desktop solution that interfaces with the iPhone app.

But if that won't work, while you are considering an xml output you might think of what another brewing program might take as an import as far as a file layout goes. Major geeks like me then could export their stuff from brew pal for use on their desktops. The only other consideration would be the exported file from the desktop and getting it onto the phone.

In any case, thanks again for the great app. For $0.99, it's the best app I've purchased for my iPhone.

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Sherpa FE
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AWESOME APP. I switched to AT&T just to buy the Iphone, just so I could have this application.
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Mar 2008
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I downloaded this App today and it's fantastic. Did a brew session today with a friend at their place, and it was hard not to just want to play with this app the entire time instead of talking with them. Looking forward to 1.6 -- great work so far!

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Aug 2008
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The updates have fixed all my previous concerns, and it's a great app.
Question: Boil and mash timers, does Brewpal run in the background? I had some incoming calls and texts, and may have opened another app and returned to brewpal, but I think the timer stalled and I missed some hop additions. Also, why does the timer ring when it starts?
Thank you,

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