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Jan 2007
Anchorage, AK
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It's been some time but the ZBC is off the ground. With the taps open people are starting to pour in by one. One person so far and it was my wife. But i have high hopes that my garage will become Anchorages most highly reguarded watering hole.

Click to enlarge.

A big thanks goes out to everyone in HBT who has given me guidance and advice. Thank you!
Zombie Brewing Co.

UNDEAD Dunkelweise
Baby Bryce Barleywine
1st Anniversary Ale (Imperial Porter)
Night of The Living Dead Ale (belgian porter) (DECEASED)
Dawn of The Dead Ale (Belgial IPA)(DECEASED)
The Omega Ale (Quad)(DECEASED)

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Sep 2007
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Looks pretty sweet. I'm sure the guys around here will appreciate the name, too.

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Jan 2009
Madsen, Ontario
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Great pics, wish I could try your brews man. All the best with your new drinkin' hole.

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Feb 2009
Santa Clara University
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That's a lot of taps! Looks great -- congrats!
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Jan 2009
Ft. Lauderdale
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Verry nice and Im loving the beer names
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Jul 2008
Dürty Soüth, GA
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Nov 2008
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Very nice! I'm in Anchorage. Where are you located, I can bring a thirsty palate!

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Joe C
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May 2008
Gate City
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Originally Posted by nibiyabi View Post
That's a lot of taps! Looks great -- congrats!
It's just enough I think - Very nice!
Originally Posted by thataintchicken View Post
Apfelwin does not play well with others. In fact, Apfelwein runs with scissors and yells obscenities at it's classmates :)
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Old 02-19-2009, 01:59 PM   #9
Nov 2008
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very nice im jealous and thirsty

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Old 02-19-2009, 04:01 PM   #10
Dec 2007
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I love the label for the Omega beer...

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